Important Things to Note When Getting a Secondhand Car (Part 4)

Check the car seats

As I have said in Important Things to Note When Getting a Secondhand Car (Part 3), you are planning to buy a car for you to be comfortable. Other than the AC, the car seats will make you feel relaxed. Of course, no wants a shabby and rickety car.

For you to feel easy and satisfied, you need good seats. Before buying a used car, it’s not just the external factors. You should also check some internal parts including the car seat. Besides that, the condition of the car seat will tell you how the previous owner treated the car.  If it was handled with care, you will cozy. If not, there will be obvious signs of dust and dirt. Heck, you might even find leftover crumbs in the crevices of the cushions.

If it’s not properly taken care of, then, it can be a problem for the next owner. You may need to check the electrical alignment of the seats, and check if the heated car seats are still functioning well. Moreover, you need to know the materials used so that you can easily change them in the coming years.

Verify if all the lights are working

Remember, this is a comprehensive list for you to check, and this will definitely inlcude the lights. When I say lights, I mean everything from the signal lights to the taillights. Make sure that you have the emergency lights working, and also the headlights are functioning.parked brown Volkswagen beetle

If notice any dim lights, replace the pair to ensure even brightness. If you notice the headlights running low, then, replace both lights and not just once.

The previous owners may have changed it with another type, and this would mean that there would be difference in brightness and color. Some buyers will not be pleased with replacing it not the standard type.

Inspect the electrical components as well

While you’re inspecting the lights from the inside, it’s time to press other buttons and turn some knobs. Check other parts of the car including the radio, CD player, and other devices installed on the car.

This also includes the dash camera, back camera, and other parking sensors. Checking these parts are important if you are serious on purchasing a seondhand car.

To summarize…

This is such a comprehensive list so be sure to each item thoroughly. Start from Important Things to Note When Getting a Secondhand Car (Part 1), and work your way up til the final part.

When you buy a brand new vehicle, there’s no need to go through the this list as your car will come straight from the manufacturer. However, if you are getting a secondhand car, you need to be careful. You need to take your time in doing secondary checks. Think twice (and even!) thrice before you sign the documents.

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