How to Increase Your Car’s Value (Part 1)

On my previous blog posts, I have discussed Knowing Your Car’s Current Value. Now, I would like to move further and talk about the specific tips in increasing your car’s value. Below, I have listed 4 tips for you to consider.

Keep the Tires Properly Inflated

A set of good working tires will help you maintain and improve your gas mileage. The best part is that the air pump are free to use at some tire shops. If gas stations offer it for a fee, it will not cost you over $5. So, there is no excuse for you not to care for your tires.

black and silver car wheel

To avoid premature wear on your tires,  balance and align your tires often.  Rotate and see if the tread is getting bald. If so, please do not hesitate to get a new set of tires. You will surely get a higher trade or selling value if you decide to do so later on.

Replace the Brakes

Like the other parts of your car, the brakes will also undergo the usual wear and tear. Most importantly, the brake pads will help you  keep you safe. It may cost you a few hundred bucks, but you cannot put a price on your safety.

Ideally, you should change the brake pads every 25,000 miles. If you want the brake pads to last longer, go for the ceramic pads or the semi-metallic ones. The brake pad replacement is something you can do at home, but to be sure, you can ask your trusted mechanic to do the job. Do yourself a favor and change the brake pads regularly. This is not only to retain your car’s value, but this is to keep you safe.

Change the Headlamps

The affordable headlights are the halogen ones, and they cost around $15 to $20. However, if you want a heavy-duty option, you can opt for the HID bulbs. First, you have to check on your car’s manual if it supported for your specific car model.

High Intensity Discharge (or popularly known as HID ) are typically used in huge spaces like a gym, a warehouse, or a stadium. You will also notice that HID bulbs are also for home flood lights and automotive lights.

Do Not Ignore Windshield Chips and Cracks

Did you know that it is considered illegal to drive with a cracked windshield in some U.S. states? So, it is best to check on state laws, and ask local authorities about it.

Aside from it being illegal, having a cracked windshield is totally unsafe. You are putting yourself and your passengers in grave danger. Moreover, if you plan to sell your car, a windshield chip or crack will definitely lessen its value. For small chips, do not rely on DIY repair kits. These things may be cheap, but you are not sure of their quality. For more tips, please refer to How to Increase Your Car’s Value (Part 2).

We take auto glass repair seriously!

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