How to Increase Your Car’s Value (Part 2)

By now, you already know that maintaining your car’s value is a pretty difficult task. You have to consider the factors in Knowing Your Car’s Current Value. Aside from that, you will need to exert time and effort what you do. Plus, of course, you need enough money because regular car maintenance ain’t cheap. If you will not spend money on repairs, the value of your car will sharply decrease.

So, let’s get on with the topic and start regular maintenance.

Adhere to the Maintenance Schedule

You should allocate a certain budget for routine maintenance, and for every car, there would be varying needs. For instance, a Toyota Corolla will need an average of $367 for the usual repairs. However, for a BMW, you will need around $761, and that’s double the amount of owning a Toyota.

So, when you are deciding for an auto manufacturer brand, go for something within your annual budget. You will end up losing more if you do not care for your can properly. Keep the engine lubricated, change the brake pads, and so on.

Keep a Maintenance Log Filecar on gray asphalt

It’s not enough for you to stick to a schedule, but you should also show the documentation of your maintenance. To prove that your car is in great condition, you should keep logs of the repairs. The receipts will attest that you have followed a maintenance schedule, and you only visited reputable auto shops.

Every time you subject your car to repairs, keep the receipts as proof of transaction. Whether you changed the engine oil, the brake pads, or bought a new set of tires, record everything down.

Safety Features Are Valuable Upgrades

Next, there are safety features that add value to your car like the automatic emergency braking. Additionally, there is the forward collision warning system that can help you avoid head-on collisions and traffic accidents.

More than anything else, safety is the utmost priority here so when your car has additional safety features, this can increase the value. Yes, these upgrades may not be a built-in feauture, and you may need to pay extra for them. In the long run, add-ons such as Bluetooth speakers and rear cross traffic warnings will pay off once you decide to sell your car.

Keep the Headlights Bright

The exteriors of your car will make it look appealing. So, try to pay attention to the little details, like the headlights. If you keep it clean, potential buyers would be amazed how you were able to maintain it in a clear and bright state.

Wash Your Floormats

Floormats can sustain damage, and it’s not something that you constantly change. Take time to wash them if you noticed that they are pretty dusty and dirty. Maintain the mats to be in good shape, and if you notice obvious cuts and damage, then replace it right away. A new set won’t cost you over $50.

Stay Indoors

Park your car indoors because the exterior of your car can be affected by weather and other foreign elements lurking around. If it is parked inside, there’s less dust, less bug splatters, less tiny sediments that could affect the automotive refinish.