Independent Repair Shops VS Franchise Repair Shops

When you need to find a reliable auto body repair, there are many choices to choose. By many, I mean hundreds of them near you. The first thing you will notice, of course, are the big franchise auto shops. Upon your first instinct, you would probably go for the popular names.

blue sedan on ground

However, if you broaden your search, you will realize that there are, in fact, other independently-owned repair shops. This can be your best option. You know why? Just think of franchise repair shops as fast food chains. Yes, they are popular, but they will NOT give you a tastier and healthier in town. They are just there for convenience to be honest.

So, if you want a sure bang for the buck, you will not go for these franchise repair shops. Don’t fall for their fancy slogans or ideal location. Go for the well-equipped shop to get the repair job done. Here are other reasons why a franchise auto repair shop is not the best option for you:


  1. You will get mediocre repairs.

Typically, franchise shops work in huge volumes. Inevitably, they will employ shortcuts to accommodate the bulk of repairs needed. For instance, instead of repairing an original metal piece, they will just opt to replace it to expedite the repair process.

An independent shop can check your car more thoroughly. Check on the exact paint color before spraying in your car. In the quest to repair your car faster, franchise shops spray too much and it will result to terrible paint finishes.

  1. You aren’t the boss.

The body shop usually has links to insurance companies. They don’t depend on you; they work for these companies. Not to mention, they await for referrals from insurance companies. Of course, when an insurance company is looking for a repair shop, they will refer you to a cheap one. So, franchise is their best bet.

However, you can choose not to go to the repair shop your insurance recommends. There are still other shop that will accept insurance claims.  You can do your own research and check for shops near you.

  1. Franchise shops are more EXPENSIVE!

Having a quality car repair is not something difficult to achieve. There are professional work attained from independent body shops. Moreover, they do not cost more than having repairs from franchise shop.

Aside from that, the franchise shops offer low price in painting your car. However, it is unlikely that it will just be a mere painting job. To a certain degree, there would be at least some repair needed to be done. Thus, franchise shops may give you a cheap price, but all the extra repairs will cost you more. The little amounts will eventually pile up and end up having staggering total bill to pay!


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