Does Insurance Cover Auto Glass Replacement?

Windshield replacement can be costly, something that discourages many vehicle owners from visiting an auto glass repair center. But the truth is that most insurers actually cover windshield repair in their policies. Rather than worrying about how much a repair will cost, read our guide to auto glass repair and car insurance first.

Do you have comprehensive cover?

One of the most common policies is comprehensive coverage insurance. It covers a myriad of unexpected situations like fire, theft, falling objects, civil disturbance and acts of nature. Most comprehensive coverage policies will cover auto glass repair in full. Some will even cover windshield replacement in full, too. Not all do, however, which is why it is best to check with your provider.


Knowing your deductibles

Deductibles are the amount you pay out of your own pocket when you claim. If you’re involved in a car crash, you’ll probably have to pay a couple of hundred bucks to get your car repaired.

For instance, say that a repair costs $500 and your deductibles are $100. You will need to pay $100 towards the repairs and your insurer will pay the remaining $400.

But a lot of insurance providers actually waive deductibles when it comes to windshield repair. So, as always, it is best to check.


Talking to your insurance provider

If the insurance policy is unclear to you in any way, take the time to call your agent. Knowing exactly what your policy covers and how much it will cost you will help you assess the repair or replacement. It is your agent’s job to inform you about the level of your coverage and on what conditions it applies.


Does your windshield really need replacing?

Small cracks, chips, and dings don’t always require a full windshield replacement. Often, they can be repaired quickly and at very little cost before they turn into much larger cracks. Many drivers prefer to pay this small cost and get the problem resolved immediately rather than mess around with their insurer and risk the crack (and therefore the cost of the repair) from becoming bigger.


Before you do anything else, bring your car into A Plus Auto Glass. Our team of experts can inspect your windshield and help you make the right decision on whether the glass should be repaired or replaced. We’ll even provide you with a quote then and there to make the decision easier. Find out more by calling a member of our team today at (623) 218-6844.