Is It a Bad Idea to Use Cheap Gas for Your Car?

Wherever you are in the world, let’s face the fact that gas prices are expensive. Truthfully, every single one of us is one looking for ways to save money on gas. You try to save every penny you can and refueling at an off-brand station will help you save money, right? Is it really a sure way to save or are you endangering your car more? In this blog post, let’s break that down.

shallow focus photography of white Avia gas pump

At the end of the day, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA), you should stop worrying about buying cheap gas. If you ask the two engineers at AAA, they will just tell you that cheap gas will unlikely damage your car.

Are you really sure?

Yes, because the computer built-in your car can adjust to varying types of fuel. You could thank the advancement of technology that modern car engines can now easily adapt to different fuel variants. Thus, most drivers won’t even feel the difference in engine performance when using premium gas from a luxurious brand or a less expensive gas from a gas station you have never heard of.

A matter of preference

For someone who just bought a brand new car, of course, this driver would be careful on what gasoline to put. Perhaps, he would not mind spending a few dollars more just to be sure. If it gives you peace, then, use premium gas on your car.

However, for someone who owns an old car, at this point, you don’t get to be picky. The brand of fuel is unnecessary and you would still fine even if you chose to refuel using a cheap one.

An automotive engineer even recommended by saying, “Go for the cheapest gas you can that’s accessible to your location.” That advice is from the Automobile Club of Southern California, and if that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

Every company uses the same “base gas”

The difference lies on the mix of additives. Every fuel brand starts out the same, and it will only vary when different companies add their own formulation. Basically, everyone gets the base gas from a common oil refinery. The Environmental Protection Agency is there to monitor if the gas companies help in lessening carbon emissions and in cleaning the car’s engine.

To be honest, major gas companies just add more additives and claim these things to be their “secret ingredient.” Additives claim to help in adding an extra boost in terms of cleaning and protecting the engine. This is why premium gas is priced higher than the cheap alternatives. However, is this truly necessary?

According to John Nielsen, engineering direct at the American Automobile Association (AAA), “If you buy cheap gas from a nameless refueling station because that is the only thing available, it will not harm your car.” Additionally, Nielsen shared that it is best to read the manual of your car to know what fuel the automaker recommends.

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