How to Keep Your Car Warm When it’s Cold

Warming up your car during winter can be damaging if you don’t do it right. Still, it doesn’t mean you’re going to sit in the cold while waiting for the heat to kick in. For this post, we will give you some tips on how to keep your car warm during the winter season without damaging it.

*Fill or refill your antifreeze

The best thing that you can do for your vehicle even before the winter season is to fill or replace your antifreeze. Do so, especially if you haven’t filled it for years.

However, use only one color and never mix it up. Also, antifreeze is different from coolants. The latter is basically half water and half antifreeze. If possible, stick to pure antifreeze unless your mechanic advises the other way.

*Drive the car slowly first

Idling your vehicle during a cold day is a guaranteed way to damage its engine. It’s comfortable for you, but you’re actually drying up the oil with unburned fuel. This will add unnecessary wear on your car’s engine.

Still, idling for two or three minutes shouldn’t hurt. However, never leave your car idle for 15 minutes. Instead, drive around slowly as this warms up your car without sudden acceleration.

*Use a small heater

If you’re more concerned about the comfort of the passengers, it will help to use a small heater inside. This way, you no longer have to idle your car or wait for minutes for the heater to kick in.

However, make sure that the heater is safe for car use. If you want to keep your car warm overnight, we recommend using a block heater, which you can plug in a household outlet. It will keep your car’s fluids in a warm and safe condition.

*Place a windshield cover

A windshield cover will keep the snow away from your windshield. Aside from preventing damage to your wipers and skipping the hassle of scraping ice, it will also provide a warming effect on your car.

Still, a windshield cover is just a small solution. We also recommend that you install a windshield and window warmer so its function won’t get frozen.

*Plug a seat warmer

If it’s freezing outside, a seat warmer will keep your passengers toasty while preventing idling of your car. Even if your vehicle doesn’t have a slot for an OEM seat warmer, you can always purchase an after-market model to warm up your car.

Also, most seat warmers are compatible with standard car seats. You can even get one for each seat.

*Keep wool blankets inside

Wool blankets are a great insulating fabric. Aside from keeping everyone warm, it’s an excellent insulation for your seats. Besides, wool blankets are always handy to wrap around your body during a stormy and freezing day.

Wrapping up                                                                             

Extreme temperatures can do damage to your car. During winter, you can keep your car warm while preventing idling and other damaging tactics.

With a little patience and a little bit of gumption, you can be comfortable driving around.