How To Keep Your Windshield Clear

Having a clear windshield is of utmost importance if you’re concerned about safety while on the road. When you have a dull, foggy, or scratched windshield, it can mean all the difference between staying safe and an accident waiting to happen.

Keeping your windshield clear and protected from damage isn’t all that difficult. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths circulating online on how to take care of your windshield. While some of these at-home tips are proven to be effective, many are detrimental and may cause more harm than good.


If you’re curious about the easiest and safest ways to maintain your windshield, we’re giving you four easy tips you can follow.


Tip #1: Use proper windshield cleaners

You may have heard that baking soda and vinegar can do wonders for your windshield. It may work in a pinch, but you do have to be careful with these two.

For starters, baking soda is a mild abrasive. And it can cause microscopic scratches to form on your windshield with repeated application. Meanwhile, vinegar is a weak acid which degrades the protective film that some windshields have.

If you want to guarantee proper cleaning without risking damage to your windshield, only use specially formulated cleaners. Windshield cleaners are completely non-abrasive and do not cause any buildup. Additionally, you should use the right tools. A soft sponge is usually recommended for cleaning.


Tip #2: Clean your windshields regularly

As long as you’re using proper windshield cleaners (and the right tools) there is no harm in washing and polishing your windshield more often. In fact, the more you clean your windshield, the less likely it will be damaged. Remember that dust, dirt, grime, and road salts can accumulate on your windshield. Unless you remove them through cleaning, they can cause unsightly scratches which are very difficult to remove.


Tip #3: Keep your wiper blades good as new

It’s true that dust and debris can cause minor scratches and pitting on the windshield if you travel at high speeds. However, it isn’t the only reason why this happens. In most cases, windshields get scratched by the wipers themselves. Wipers have a layer of rubber which helps to flick away water and other debris. But these eventually wear off with use and exposes the bare metal underneath.

Using a windshield wiper that’s lost its rubber squeegee will cause the metal to scratch the glass. If you want to keep your windshield looking perfect, always replace worn or damaged wiper rubbers with new ones.


Tip #4: Clean your windshield last

One very common cleaning mistake that a lot of car owners make is they clean the windshield first before everything else. This results in the accumulation of products on the windshield, such as waxes, buffing compounds, and surfactants. The collective buildup causes the glass to become dull over time. You can avoid this by cleaning and polishing your windshield last.


With these tips, you can be sure that your windshield will be clear and scratch-free.