Knowing The Damages to Your Windshield

Car windshield provides protection to the car’s passengers from any type of eventuality. Windshield glass is made up of laminated safety glass that has two layers of glass divided but held by an inside layer that is made of polyvinyl butyral. So even if the windshield are shatters, it will not fall inward. This does not mean it cannot be damaged and it comes in different forms. Luckily, auto glass repair shops can fix the damage instead of changing the whole windshield. Here are the kinds of windshield damage that may happen to you.

parked car inside building


This will first look like a line in your windshield. A number of cracks seem small, it could be straight with a start and end points.  On the other hand, they could be long with many branch like lines sticking out coming from the primary line. There are subclasses of windshield cracks. Read them below:


  • Edge crack- It begins within 2 inches on the edge of the windshield and then goes out from there. They usually form rapidly and are at least 10 to 12 inches in length.
  • Stress crack-this kind of crack can happen because of huge temperature changes. Perhaps your car has been exposed to intense ray of the sun. It could also be because of too much coldness.
  • Crack chip- they are tiny cracks which projectile lower than a quarter of a diameter.
  • Floater crack-it starts in the middle going to the windshield greater than 2 inches from the edge of the glass. This can differ in lengths and its cause is intense temperature. Cracks that has a length lower than 3 inches are repairable.


This is commonly called “dings” by most people caused by a rock that flew right on your windshield. This means a little bit of your glass is missing. Because of that, it is also known as a “stone break” or “pit.” Should the crack is not long and has a diameter lower than 1 inch and did not enter through the glass, the technician can easily fill this. 

The question now is repair or replace?

Allow the expert to take a look at your windshield and he will tell you if it can be repaired or needs a replacement. If it can be repaired he will first clean up everything including the debris and will do a bit of drilling for preparation. Once this is done a clear resin material will be applied to the opening and when dried, polishing will make your windshield as good as new. So if you need any repairs in your windshield, just call your car insurance company and check if you have a coverage for repair or replacement. A lot of shops can do mobile on-site jobs.



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