When it’s too late for auto glass repair?

Maybe it’s when you’re rushing around the city trying to find a space to park before your next meeting, maybe it’s when you’re on the way to the grocery store, or are late to pick the kids up from soccer practice. Whatever the scenario, we’ve all spotted a tiny crack on our windshield. Our stomach’s sink and we pray that it doesn’t turn into a crack.

What you do next is incredibly important. Do you forget about it and go back to your busy life? Or do you make a point to get it checked out as soon as possible and, if necessary, get it repaired? Your decision can have a big impact on your bank balance, your safety and your state of mind.

Let’s say you leave the crack and forget about it until the next time you get in the car. Then you notice it again, ignore it and forget about it until you get in the car again. This scenario continues until one day that tiny chip has turned into a huge crack. It’s much more noticeable now. In fact, you can’t even see parts of the road. It’s much more dangerous as a result. Not only is it obscuring your visibility, it’s making your car less structurally sound meaning any minor accident could shatter your window and cause serious harm to you and your passengers. You finally cave and get it checked by an auto glass repair center. The bad news is that you need to have the entire windshield replaced. This is going to take a few days and it’s not going to be cheap either.

This scenario didn’t have to occur. Just because you notice a chip in your windshield doesn’t mean it has to end with getting your entire windshield replaced. Let’s say you took your car to an auto glass repair shop the day after you noticed the crack. Instead of replacing the windshield, your auto glass technician informs you that you can have the windshield replaced there and then. It will only take a few minutes. Not only will it take a fraction of the time of a full replacement, it will also cost a fraction of the price, too. But it was only possible because you came into the shop as soon as possible.

So what are you going to do the next time you spot a chip in your windshield?

If you’re like the dozens of sensible vehicle owners we see every day, we’ll bet that you’ll bring your car to us as soon as possible. Because now you know that the longer you put of windshield repair, the more it’s going to cost.