Let’s Learn More about Aquaplaning

Most accidents happen during rainy weather, but it’s not just because of poor visibility. Sometimes it’s because of the most dangerous effect of aquaplaning. Below, we will discuss what is aquaplaning, how to avoid it, and more.

WHAT IS AQUAPLANING?black asphalt road with cars during night time

Aquaplaning occurs when your car tires come in contact with the roadbed because of a pool of water. Some people know this as hydroplaning. If aquaplaning happens, the driver may instantaneously lose control of the car and an uncontrolled skid may also occur when driving at high speed. Aside from high speed, there are several other factors that may cause loss of control over the car:

  • Strong water flow on the road
  • Uneven water distribution due to uneven road
  • Different tire pressures


The main danger when aquaplaning happens is the total loss of control of the car, as this can lead to a traffic accident. When aquaplaning occurs, it can be a frightening experience so here are some things you can do during when it happens:

  1. Stay calm. It is not the time to panic. If you try to do something drastic, you could cause your car to skid or get into a collision.
  2. Hold the steering wheel firmly. Do not rotate it in any way, trying to level the car because this will only aggravate the situation.
  3. Release the brake pedal with quick and short movements.


By understanding what is aquaplaning, how to avoid it and how to regain control if it were to happen, you will be in a better position to drive safely during wet conditions. Here are important rules that can help prevent aquaplaning to happen:

  • Observe the speed limit, keep in mind that maximum speed should not exceed 70 km/h.
  • Check the tire pressure. It should be equal everywhere.
  • Avoid sudden acceleration, braking, and sudden steering.
  • Do not overload the trunk.
  • When you see a puddle in front of you, slow down when going through it.

Aside from the rules aforementioned, here are some tips on what preparations you can try to make sure that you avoid aquaplaning:

1. Always check the weather conditions

Before driving, always check the weather conditions. By paying particular attention to the current weather conditions, you can avoid unwanted accidents to happen like aquaplaning. Aside from that, it also allows you to change your driving technique in accordance to the weather and road conditions.

2. Watch your speed

If you are traveling at a higher speed, your car tires will have less chance of gripping to the road. While there is no specific aquaplaning speed limit, it’s ideal to keep your speed at 30 mph to avoid aquaplaning.

3. Keep your tires in good condition

Tires in a poor condition can be partly responsible for aquaplaning because it might struggle to clear enough water off the road. So it is important to check your tires regularly to make sure that they are in tip-top condition.

4. Auto glass should not have cracks and chips

When weather conditions are harsh, one thing that you need is a visible view of the road. Having windshield cracks will definitely obscure your vision. For auto glass repairs, you can call A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS at 623-218-6844. A+ PLUS AUTO GLASS can check and repair your windshield. Furthermore, verify if your windshield is functioning as it should.