A List of Car Modifications NOT Allowed in the U.S. (Part 2)

Today, I will explain further the car modifications, which are aesthetic, function, and performance modification. I initially talked about this on a previous post, which is A List of Car Modifications NOT Allowed in the U.S.

First, aesthetic modifications are installed to make the car look better visually. Anything that you install on the external portion of the car is under this group.

Next, functional modifications are those devices that will add more features to the vehicle. For instance, a GPS, a car phone, an alarm system are all examples of new features or functions.

Lastly, performance modifications are added to modify engine performance. Just a fair warning: some performance modifications may be illegal. So, please check state laws before installing one. Moreover, it will also invalidate your engine warranty.black car stereo turned on at 4 00 pm

Boisterous Music System

Music playing is not illegal. Who doesn’t love music, right?

The problem lies with the music gets too loud that you are not able to hear the car honking next to you. Also, it serves as an obstruction when you cannot hear your surrounding. For instance, when somebody yelled for you to stop, but then, you were busy changing your music playlist.

To make sure everyone is safe including those around you, do not install music systems that can be deafening. Heavy and intense are not allowed in the U.S. Other drivers may find it annoying, and may sue you for audio assault.

Lowered Car Body

Low riding happens when a car is customized with a lowered body. Back then, people would place cement bags in the trunk to lower their car. I just find it funny that people intentionally load bags of cement to weigh down their cars.

Anyway, California made it to use a car with a lowered body. In 1958, the state made it an official law, stating that the car parts should NOT be below the wheel rims. Usually, low riders also add intricate details, and add colorful designs to their wheels and tire walls. For some cars, a hydraulic system is installed so that the owner can raise or lower their vehicle, depending on their preference.

Radar Detectors

Next, we have radar detectors. There are devices that can detect radio waves or radio signals. With these detectors installed, you can locate the police cars. Drivers can adjust their speed limit whenever the radar detectors notices a car with radio signals nearby.

Take note that states such as California, South Carolina, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Oklahoma have made radar detectors illegal. Other states added on the list to prohibit radar jammers are: Virginia, Utah, Tennessee, and Texas. You will get in trouble if you insist on installing one.

Laser Jammers

Like radar detectors, it also illegal to have laser jammers. These lasers will allow police officers to get an accurate reading of a vehicle’s speed. Please know that it is NOT forbidden to buy and sell laser jammers, but the issue will be more on how you will use it. More on: A List of Car Modifications NOT Allowed in the U.S. (Part 3)