A List of Car Modifications NOT Allowed in the U.S. (Part 3)

By now, you already know the difference between performance modification functional modification, and aesthetic modifications. If you missed my previous posts, please refer to:

For this post, I will continue on sharing the different car modifications that are not allowed in the country.

Snow Tires with Metal Studs

Snow tires are essential if the weather poses as a threat. However, when you install studded snow tires, it is not allowed because it can damage the road. Ideally, these tires have small metal pieces in order to pierce through the ice. How about when the roads aren’t covered with ice?

If you happen to drive by a dry or wet road, the studs can even endanger you because the studs can actually hamper the tire grip. To some extent, the metal studs will obstruct the strong bond between the tire and the road, meaning there will be problems when you hit the brakes.

Muffler Pipesblack and red vehicle

The exhaust system of your car has a muffler, but some drivers choose to remove it. No, don’t even think of doing this because the muffler is an essential part of the exhaust. The muffler helps the lower the sound spewed by cars.

Noisy Exhaust

Speaking of the exhaust system, you are not allowed to have a loud exhaust system because this is considered as noise pollution in the US.

Nitrous Oxide aka Laughing Gas

Nitrous oxide, or popularly known as laughing gas, is a colorless non-flammable gas. Just to be clear it is not illegal to acquire laughing gas. However, it is not permitted to pump Nitrous Oxide into the system. Even if you do it for recreational purposes, still, this is not allowed in cars.

Multicolored Headlights

Headlights are not of different colors. Typically, it is just yellow or white. Well, you can buy colored bulbs, but using it on the road is illegal. The recommended color is always white because these headlights help the drivers see and notice the people, animals, and objects around them. Compared to red, orange, violet, or green, white helps with the road visibility. Don’t try to experiment with the colors, okay?

Aspherical Mirrors

These are not your usual spherical mirrors. In fact, they are not spherical mirrors as the name suggests, and aspherical mirrors are found in astronomical telescopes.

People prefer aspheric mirrors because it smooth and shiny. However, convex mirrors are better in cars because the convex one gives you a wider view. When you look into a convex mirror, the image may seem small, but it gives you the “bigger picture” of the road. Hence, they are useful when you drive and need a large view of your surroundings. Don’t compromise your safety over something stylish.

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