A List of Exterior Car Accessories And Their Uses

Your car would not be complete without car accessories. Aside from cosmetic uses, there are other important purposes for these additional items. Most of the accessories, like the seat covers, mud flaps, floor mats, give another layer of your protection. Plus, items such as pet barriers, baby carriers, and cargo liners make sure that your passengers are safe. Whether they are living things or non-living things, these numerous items have a specific use. They could give you comfort and convenience when you embark your daily travel. More importantly, you use these accessories to suit to your personal preference. Of course, you would want your car to reflect your personality.   For now, I will only focus on the external accessories for your vehicle.white bmw m 3 coupe

Exterior Car Accessories

As you have read, the list below will concentrate on the exterior car accessories. These are items that added on the outer part of your vehicle.

  • Car Covers 

    • When your car is idle, the car can be susceptible to damages. Even when it is doing nothing, weather conditions can still affect it. Moreover, there are animals that would climb over or birds that would drop their excretions to the hood of your car. I have talked about this on Spring Is Here! These Everyday Things May Damage Your Car’s Paint.
    • That is why it is extremely important to take care of the body your precious vehicle. If you won’t, there would be dents and scratches. The car paint would lose its shimmer and your car would look dull. So, if your car is parked outside, it will be subjected to many environmental issues and other damages. Get a car cover for its protection!
  • Car Scraper 

    • Next, this accessory is especially important during winters. An ice scraper is important in getting rid of the snow on the exterior of the car. If you live in an area where there is a heavy snowfall, you can’t just manually shove away the snow with your hands. You will need a car scraper to remove the snow covering your car. There are even ice scrapers that have a shovel brush installed, which makes cleaning more efficient.
  • Booster Cable

    • When your battery is dead, some booster cables would surely come in handy. You can use these to  start your car when it has a discharged battery. A cable would have a pair of insulated electrical wires, and you would just need to clamp each side of the battery to an external source of power. Indeed, a booster cable is extremely important when your car dies and it needs electrical energy to start.
  • Cleaning Equipment

    • Lastly, to help your car to be tidy and spotless, you will need a few cleaning essentials. You would not need a special set of tools; all you need is a set that includes a folding bucket, a microfiber towel,  a sponge, and detergent. You can load, at the trunk of your car, a handy bucket with some cleaning essentials inside so that you can clean anywhere and anytime.

I will discuss more accessories on A List of Interior Car Accessories And Their Uses. Stay tuned!