How long can you drive with a cracked windshield?

The windshield is the most important piece of glass in every car. It prevents outside elements like rain and dust from wrecking havoc inside and ensures optimum safety and visibility while driving. But because it is built from glass, it’s naturally susceptible to cracking and breaking.

Windshield cracks are the bane of all driver. And the worst part is they have the potential to cause serious damage and safety issues. While many drivers would opt to address cracks immediately no matter how big or small they are, there are others who risk driving their cars despite a compromised windshield.

Which driver are you? Do you take your car into the shop immediately or do you drive on and forget about the chip?

The thought of whether or not you can continue driving crosses every driver’s mind when they spot a crack. And while it’s certainly possible, there are several important elements that come into play.



A primary factor that should be taken into account is the crack’s size. There are certain regulations regarding cracks and if they are large enough (a foot or half-a-foot long), you must replace the windshield completely to avoid possible sanctions. In the case of tiny chips, however, you can continue driving without any problem. Although we would still recommend you seek expert advice immediately.



The placement of the crack is also an important factor. For tiny cracks that aren’t located on the driver side, you can still keep driving without any problem. However, if it’s situated in the driver side, you are legally obliged to have it repaired immediately as it can affect driving visibility and is hence a potential road hazard.



Windshields are composed of two layers of thick glass that are joined together firmly by a rubber lamination. Most cracks typically occur on the outer glass layer and this kind of damage won’t demand immediate repair. However, if the crack has penetrated through the rubber lamination or second glass layer, it’s best to fix the damage right away as water and dust will seep through it.

Regardless of the extent of the damage, it is never a good idea to continue driving for a long time after spotting a crack. Even the smallest cracks can potentially grow over time and damage the structural integrity of your windshield making it a safety concern to you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road as well.


Never drive with a cracked windshield for long

There are numerous car owners who underestimate the potential safety issues surrounding windshield cracks. They are unaware that even the tiniest of cracks can lead to road accidents especially if it becomes an obstruction to driving view or distraction to driving. And even if you do manage to drive safely despite it, you may be pulled over by road authorities for violating state laws.


That’s why you should bring the car into us at A Plus Auto Glass as soon as you spot a crack. Our expert team of technicians will be able to inspect your car and provide a fair quote on the repair work required. If the crack is small and a repair is all that is needed, we may even be able to fix your windshield there and then.