How Long Does It Take To Replace A Windshield?

Did you ever get a cracked windshield but never found the time to get it repaired or replaced? You’re probably one of those people who think it’ll take forever to get it fixed, or that you’ll have to dish out a huge amount of money.

Well, you’re in for a surprise because windshield replacement is fast, efficient, and affordable. If you have a damaged windshield that badly needs fixing, the nearest auto repair shop should be able to attend to your needs.

When you do decide to get some work done on your windshield, you might wonder how much time it’s going to take. But how long is too long? In this short guide, we’ll help you with everything you need to know about windshield replacement and what to expect – so you’ll know what to look out for if you’re in a hurry.


Factors That Affect The Time Of Windshield Replacement

Most, if not, all auto shops these days are equipped to repair and replace windshields. It shouldn’t be that difficult to find a place that can accommodate you. That being said, choosing a reputable shop with excellent customer reviews and a quick turnover should still be a priority. You can gauge the time it will take to get your windshield replaced based on the following factors.


1. Number of customers

If you picked a shop with a long roster of customers waiting, chances are you’ll have to wait a couple of days before they could start working on your windshield. In these cases, it may be a good idea to book early to ensure they can attend to your vehicle at their soonest available time.


2. Availability of parts

Delays are sometimes caused by the unavailability of parts and tools that are necessary for fixing or replacing a windshield. While most repair shops offer in-house windshield glass, the ideal option will still be OEM or original equipment manufacturer glass. OEM windshield is often available in limited quantities. If you want one, you’d have to pre-order it. This will extend the time it takes for a shop to replace your broken windshield since they have to wait for stocks to arrive.


3. Staff 

Installing a brand new windshield is no easy task, so you can’t expect a one-man army to be able to handle it. If a shop is understaffed, a job that normally takes less than an hour to finish will be extended to a day or two. On the contrary, a well-staffed auto shop can replace your windshield in as little as 30 minutes, especially when there’s no one else waiting in line.

All things considered, it is always a good idea to book services in advance. If you’re keen on getting fast service, you’ll have to take in your vehicle during a slow day and make sure that the shop is properly staffed and equipped for a rush job.

Remember that even though it only takes 30 minutes or less to install a new windshield, it can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours for the adhesive to bond. So if you want to drive your car the very same day, wait for the adhesive to dry before you head on out the road.