Mistakes to avoid when cleaning windshields

Having a clean, intact windshield that you can see through when driving is essential for safety. Yet to so many drivers fail to clean their windshields properly or, worse, don’t clean them at all. To avoid dangerous situations and to keep your auto glass in top shape, make sure that you don’t make any of these mistakes next time you clean your windshield.


Not washing your auto glass often enough

This is the number one mistake that we see drivers make. When you don’t wash your car’s windshield often enough all of the bug splatters, dirt and debris can become stuck there. The longer you leave dirt, the harder it will be to get it off. Not only does that make future washes harder, but it also makes your windows more susceptible to cracks and scratches.


Using sponges to clean the glass

You are not alone if you use a sponge to clean the windshield of your car. Most drivers do. But they are all doing it incorrectly. You should never use sponges to clean your auto glass because they are too harsh. Your glass needs to be treated with care so use a microfiber cloth instead.


Drying to clean dry glass

If drivers aren’t using sponges to clean their windshields then they are probably cleaning it when the glass is dry. Again, this can cause significant damage. That’s because you are wiping dust particles that you can’t see across your glass and they are scratching the surface. Over time, this can make your glass much less resistant to damage.


Not using a special cleaner

Your front and rear windshields are not normal forms of glass. And that means that they can’t be cleaned with regular glass cleaner. Most normal glass cleaners contain ammonia and this can seriously damage your car windows. Instead, use a cleaner that is specifically designed for cars.


Not replacing your windshield wipers when you clean

Old windshield wipers can make your windshields as dirty as anything else. They could have years of dirt built up under them which is spread all over your windshield whenever you wipe them. To prevent windshield wipers from damaging your auto glass, they should be changed as soon as they wear down. Always make sure to check the state of your wipers when you clean your car.


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