Do Mobile Repair and In-house Repair Provide the Same Service?

Thanks to the advancement of the automotive industry, you can now choose between mobile and in-house repair. With mobile repair, technicians reach your location and repair your vehicle on-site. But with in-house repair, you’ll have to bring your vehicle to an auto shop. So the question is this: do they offer the same service?

Traditionally, in-house repairs are the option of car owners. The notion is that in-house repairs allow technicians to access a complete set of tools and materials.

However, if the auto glass shop offers both in-house and mobile repairs, the services offered are usually the same.

Below, we provide information to help you decide whether mobile repair or in-house repair is right for you.

Level of control 

Mobile auto glass repairs are convenient, but it doesn’t offer the same level of control of in-house repairs. In addition, technicians will have less control of temperature, humidity, and the overall environment with mobile services.

Nevertheless, if your auto glass only requires minor repairs for cracks or chips, mobile service would be a suitable choice. But when it comes to full replacements, it’s best to consider in-house servicing.

While you can still avail of bigger repairs in your driveway, you can’t always expect debris-free and seamless results.


In terms of convenience, nothing beats mobile repairs. You no longer have to bring your vehicle to a shop or sit and wait for the repairs to be finished.

Car owners who are too busy to drive to an auto shop will benefit a lot from mobile repairs. While you go on with your tasks, the technicians will be repairing your auto glass.


In some cases, auto glass is so damaged that it’s no longer safe to drive with it. Driving the car will also lead to more damages to the auto glass. This is where mobile repair comes in handy.

Remember that cracked windshields are dangerous, especially during inclement weather. And even on a sunny day, the cracks will disrupt your vision. This leads to a higher risk of road accidents.


The cost difference between mobile and in-house repairs is usually negligible. It always depends on the repairs you need and your location. While mobile repairs may sometimes cost more, the convenience and safety it brings pay for itself.

Make sure that the service is legit!

Whether you’re availing of mobile repair or in-house repair, it’s important to ensure that the provider is legitimate. Always look for memberships with the National Windshield Repair Association or Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC).

Most of all, the technicians should be duly certified by AGSC. Don’t hesitate to ask for their license before you proceed with the service.

The shop should also provide a detailed quotation before they ask you to sign the contract. If a technician rushes you to sign the fine print, you should look for another option.


Both mobile and in-house repairs offer reliable solutions to auto glass problems. As long as the shop has proper licensing and certification, rest assured that they deliver quality service. It also helps to ask for referrals from your friends and family who have hired auto glass technicians before.