What You Need to Know About Airbags

Airbags are one of the safety features of your car. They dislodge during impact to cushion the blow and to prevent your body from hitting the dashboard. But aside from this fact, there are a lot more you have to know about airbags. You’ll be surprised how critical they are for your safety. So before you head out for a drive, make sure that you’ve read the following points:

It will hurt when the airbags go off

When you figure in an accident that triggers the release of the airbags, expect that it will hurt. Even though airbags are made to cushion the blow, it will still feel painful. It feels like being kicked in the face by a fluffy material while the seatbelt tightens on your chest.

Nevertheless, airbags will not cause injuries, unless you’re not wearing your seatbelt. Also, you should know that when airbags go off, there’s a chance that your car has been totaled.

A minor accident can affect the efficiency of your airbags

Even if your airbags didn’t go off during a road accident, you should have it checked right away. The hardware may have been affected, which will lead to the failure of the airbags to deploy when a major accident occurs.

It’s best to be safe and sure instead of regretting that you fail to have a full inspection of your car.

Airbags have a smoky smell

Airbags are deployed using small and isolated explosives. So if your airbags went off and you smell a burning scent, it doesn’t always mean that your car is on fire. However, you should still be on the move as your car has the chance of starting a fire.

Still, avoid panicking. If your seatbelt is stuck and your car door won’t open, try to reach your phone to call for help.

You need to get your airbags checked regularly

Even if you’re not getting into accidents, it’s still a good practice to get your airbags checked regularly. Years of car use may affect the efficiency of the airbag. Remember, this component should be in tip-top shape at all times.

Also, you should work with a licensed technician to ensure the quality of the repairs or tune-ups.

Warning lights may indicate airbag problems

If the warning lights went off and your car seems fine, it’s best to have your airbags checked. Also, if the airbag warning light turns on, you should head to an auto shop to have it inspected. The system may be experiencing glitches, which may affect the efficiency of the airbags.

Avoid doing any DIY fix. Always tap the help of a professional to ensure that proper solutions are being used.

You should still wear seatbelts 

While it’s true that airbags are a layer of protection, it doesn’t erase the need for wearing seatbelts. Take note that even when the airbags go off, you can still be thrown away out of your car if you’re not wearing your seatbelt.

So to ensure your safety at all times, you should always buckle up and have your airbags checked regularly.