What You Need to Know About Buying Car Windows

Car windows allow better visibility and added safety on the passengers. Just like windshields, modern car windows are made of special glass that’s not easy to shatter. Although the car window glass looks the same as other sheets of glass you see at home, these vehicle parts are made tougher to endure intense impact and long drives.

In this post, we will take a look at the kind of car windows, its benefits, and when you should have it replaced.

Opt for tempered glass

This type of car window material is about ten times stronger than typical sheets of glass. Like windshields, tempered glass windows won’t send projectiles when smashed. If the shards happen to fall off, it would be dull pieces that are less likely to injure the passengers.

Always buy new windows

As much as you want to save some cash, it’s not a good idea to purchase used windows. Brand new ones will be tailor-fit to your car plus you have the guarantee that it will last long. Although the upfront cost will be a bit steep, you’ll save more money along the way.

Why do car windows have patterns?

You probably noticed that car windows tend to have these line patterns and black dots. These are actually electrical parts that will heat up the window during the winter season. It prevents snow buildup, just like how it can be used in windshields.

Car windows based on brand

If you want to get replacement windows that suit your car, it’s best to acquire it from the same manufacturer as your vehicle. Also, hire a professional technician to install the windows for you. This way, the windows will be air and watertight.

Car window tints

Aside from the glass type and quality of the window, tint is one of the concerns of car owners. It adds privacy and reduces glare on the part of the driver. Also, tinted windows reduce the risk of theft and break-ins.

The tint level is based on a specific Visible Light Transmission (VLT) percentage. Here’s the usual practice in the car industry:

Passenger vehicles:

*30% VLT on the front side windows and windshields

*20% VLT for rear windows (this part is unregulated and can be darker than other windows)


*70% VLT for front side windows and windshields

*Same with passenger vehicles

Take note that these are just broad guidelines. Some manufacturers will have a different VLT percentage.

When to purchase new car windows

If your car window got smashed or sustained severe damages, it needs to be replaced right away. Like windshields, small cracks will grow bigger as you drive.

Always purchase the windows from trustworthy providers. Most of the time, auto shops can source it for you through their suppliers and brand partners. It also comes with a decent product and service warranty.

Final words

Before you purchase new car windows, make sure that it’s suitable for your vehicle’s model. Also, you should never skimp on quality even if it costs more. Most of all, a professional technician should manage the installation.