All You Need to Know About Car Alarms

In Things to Install in Your Car to Prevent Theft, I have mentioned that you can either install an alarm system or a GPS tracker. Car alarms are important if you need to an extra layer of protection for your precious vehicle.

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However, there are terms you need to know before buying an alarm. In this blog post, I will share 5 terms that you should know about car alarms.

Active Alarms

When you say active alarms, this refers to the car alarm(s) the driver activates when he steps out of the car. Generally, the alarm is activated when the driver locks the car, and  a low chirp will sound to notify the driver the alarm is set. After this, if anyone attempts to open the door without the key or remote, a louder sound will be triggered from the vehicle.

Visible Alarms

Aside from the blaring sounds you can install, you can also set up visible alarms. When someone tries to tamper with the vehicle, an obvious LED light will be flashing to attract attention of passersby.

Usually, this visible light is placed on the dashboard near the windshield. It is installed on a strategic location in order for it to be noticeable to those outside of the car. This alarm should be able to scare away the potential thieves lurking around. Surely, they will panic knowing that the flashing lights will give them unwanted attention.


Once the car’s triggers are activated, you can only turn this alarm when you insert the car key in the locked doors or in the ignition.

To deactivate, just place the key on the driver’s door. Take note that other alarm systems are triggered when there are any open doors or open trunk. If this happens, don’t immediately panic. Check all the entry points of your vehicle and securely lock them.

Additional Features

Car alarm will generally allow you to customize your alarms and will give you the liberty to equip additional features to the alarm system. Some of these options will include glass break sensors, impact sensors and many other sensors that will detect any movement near the car or on the car itself. To know more about this, please read my post on Tips in Choosing an Alarm for Your Car.


If you choose to add more sophisticated alarm systems, these car alarms can even send alerts to the owner. There will be a text message or a notification alert will be sent to the owner’s mobile phone.

This is particularly helpful when you park your cars longer away from your home or office. It can useful when you live in a huge neighborhood and all the cars are parked on the basement or on a designated place.

Undeniably, our cars are part of our daily routines, and it can help us to get to point B from point A. Hence, it is important to secure all our cars from any potential damage. If in any case your car is involved in a burglary, have it checked at  A + Plus Auto Glass.

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