What You Need to Know About Cleaning Your Car Windows Inside and Out

Keeping your car windows clean is both a matter of aesthetics and visibility. Also, by cleaning it, you can spot streaks and dings that you can get repaired right away. But aside from cleaning from the outside, you should also clean your windows from the inside. This is even more important if you’re driving around with kids or pets. Here’s how:

Clean your windows from the outside

If your car is dirty, it’s best to wash it first to remove the excess dirt that sticks on the windows and other glass parts. Next, spray the glass cleaner directly at a distance of 4 to 5 inches to ensure an equal mist all over.

Once you applied the cleaner, wipe it right away with a clean piece of microfiber cloth. Make sure that you wipe in an up and down manner to prevent streaking. You can apply a little pressure if there’s stubborn dirt.

If you are to clean your windshield, just apply the glass cleaner in a small section then wipe it off before you move on to another portion. This way, the cleaner won’t dry on the glass even before you get to wipe it.

Clean your windows from the inside

Once done outside, get in your car to start cleaning. But unlike the outside part, you should spray the cleaner on the cloth instead of spritzing it directly on the indoor glass. This is to prevent the cleaner from spreading in your car’s interior. Take note that some glass cleaners have damaging chemicals when applied in upholstery and plastic surfaces.

Next, wipe the microfiber cloth into the glass. Usually, you don’t have to apply pressure since the internal side of the glass is less exposed to harsh elements.

When wiping, start with an up-and-down motion then switch to side-to-side for a better finish. However, avoid wiping in circles as this can cause streaking.

Additional tips

*Clean your windows under a shade

Always clean your car windows under a shade to prevent the glass cleaner from drying too fast. Also, this will prevent streaking.

*Always use a microfiber cloth

Some car owners improvise with newspaper and paper towels in cleaning their windows. This may work, but not for all. So to be safe, it’s best to use a clean microfiber cloth all the time. Although it’s soft to touch, microfiber cloth has the right amount of abrasiveness to remove dirt while preventing streaks from forming.

*Never wipe in circles

For the outside, wipe your windows in a vertical motion while both horizontal and vertical motions are ideal from the inside. However, never wipe in circles as this will leave ugly streaks that can be difficult to remove later on.

*Wash a soiled car first

If your car is covered with dust and grime, it’s best to wash it first. This way, you’ll use less glass cleaner and you’ll deal with less mess. As much as you can clean it with a cleaner solvent alone, you’ll end up using more without achieving the polish that what you expect.