What You Need to Know About Cleaning Your Car’s Windows

It’s essential to keep your car windows and windshield clean at all times. It gives you full visibility while driving, and it also makes your vehicle look well-kept. But unlike washing the dishes, you simply can’t use just about any product.

Moreover, car windows have to be cleaned properly to avoid streaking and scratches. If you’re new to cleaning car windows, below is our short guide:

*Clean using a window cleaner

The best option when cleaning your car windows is using a prescribed glass cleaner. This solution is gentle on the glass but tough on dirt and stains.

However, it’s best to wash your car first to remove the excess debris trapped on its surface.

After that, you can now spray the glass cleaner. One trick here is to use newspaper instead of cloth when wiping it off. The newspaper doesn’t cause streaks on the glass, plus it has a grit effect that also helps in removing dirt.

Once you removed most of the cleaner, wipe your car windows with a clean microfiber cloth with an up and down motion.

PRO TIP: Apply the cleaner on a portion that you can wipe within 5 minutes. This is to prevent the solution from drying on the glass.

*Clean using hot water

If a store-bought glass cleaner isn’t handy, you can also use hot water to clean your car windows. This has a cleaning property that’s almost similar to commercial options.

For this method, you also need newspapers and a clean microfiber cloth. Take note that the hot water shouldn’t be boiling. It should only be between 80F and 95F.

Using your cloth, soak the windows with the hot water and wipe it in with an up and down motion. After that, dry it using a folded sheet of newspaper. Once the newspaper is soaked, use another one.

Dos and don’ts when cleaning car windows

*Clean one part at a time

When cleaning car windows, always focus on a small spot at a time, then move to another. This ensures that the glass will be cleaned thoroughly and with no streaks.

*Always wipe in an up and down motion

To avoid streaks, always wipe your car window in an up and down motion.

*Avoid cleaning your windows during hot days

Although hotter temperatures dry your windows fast, it also makes the glass prone to streaking. If you are to wash your car windows, do so under a shade or somewhere with a cooler breeze.

*Ditch detergents

Most car owners who want to get rid of stubborn dirt on their car will use strong detergents. As much as this can wash out the superficial dirt, it will also harm the paint of your car.

Wrapping up

Cleaning your car windows properly will ensure that you have excellent visibility while preventing ugly streaks. Also, you have various options to ensure that you can keep your windows clean even without the expensive products. And with some dos and don’ts in mind, you can wash your car windows at home and save money.