What You Need to Know About Installing Convertible Glass

A convertible car is a very cool vehicle. Nothing beats having the top-down during a hot summer day. However, if the weather doesn’t abide, your convertible top should be ready for an emergency closing. But what if the convertible glass detached from the convertible top? Before it becomes a hassle on your road trip, you can have it repaired through the following steps:

Step 1. Temporarily re-attaching the glass

To keep the glass in place in preparation for re-attachment, you need to keep it still using heavy-duty tape. Make sure that you’re taping it in the right position on the convertible top.

Step 2. Open the top up a little bit

After this, open the top up slightly so you can see the glass and the canvas where it’s attached. From there, place a piece of wood between the edge of the windshield frame and the top-up’s front edge.

Step 3. Looking for detachment points

Now, look at which areas of the glass detached from the canvas of the top. Understand that it’s quite normal for the glass to detach due to time and wear and tear. At some point, it will need a replacement piece.

Step 4. Close the convertible top completely

Once you spot the detachments, close the top up completely, so it’s stretched all over your car. Check where the detachments are when you pull the canvas slightly. This way, you can attach it back properly and without warping the canvas.  

Step 5. Use a double-adhesive tape

Now, apply a double-sided foam tape along the stretch of the glass and canvas. You can stretch it up to the edge of the window if needed.

After that, slip the tape into the detachment of the glass and top up. After that, press it until the glass is attached to the canvas once again.

Step 6. Apply heat on the re-attached areas

Next, use a blow dryer under a low setting to apply heat on the bonded parts. The heat will attach the double-sided tape even more into the canvas, preventing it from detaching again.

Plastic vs. glass convertible glass

Owners of convertible cars are usually torn between plastic and glass.

Plastic is a common choice since it’s more lightweight and affordable than glass. It’s also easier to install than glass. However, it can become cloudy over time and may need replacement faster than glass types.

In the case of convertible top glass, its clarity doesn’t fade fast and it provides the driver with a clear view of the rear.

The only issue with glass rears is its weight, which makes it harder to install. Also, if it shatters, the pieces may splatter all over your car.

Wrapping up

Convertible top cars are cool. And in the case of convertible glass detaching from the canvas, there’s an easy fix that you can try. Nevertheless, you can always tap the help of a professional if you’re not confident about DIY fixes. Also, regular maintenance and checks should prevent sudden issues with your vehicle.