What You Need To Know About Side Mirror Auto Glass Replacement

Side mirrors are safety features which have been designed to help keep you safe while driving. They are useful for maneuvering, especially in making sharp reversals and quick turns, or when overtaking slow-moving vehicles on the highway. It should come as no surprise that a broken side mirror is considered a safety hazard. When a cop catches you driving with one, you’d be asked to pull over and issued a ticket.

The problem with side mirrors is that they break rather easily. In fact, aside from the bumpers and wheels, side mirrors are among the most commonly damaged parts of a vehicle.


My side mirror is damaged. Now what?

If you lurk car repair forums, you might have read that a damaged side mirror has to be replaced. But then, others might tell you it’s completely okay to have them repaired, and that there’s no need for a costly replacement.

Both answers are actually correct. It all depends on the extent of the damage involved. Below are some tips so you’ll know what to do with your broken side mirrors.


Tip #1: Figure out which parts are broken 

A side mirror consists of several parts. These include the mirror assembly which hides the electronics in your mirror, the mirror cover which is essentially the framework that holds everything together, the turn signal, and the mirror glass itself.

A broken mirror glass or a malfunctioning turn signal can be repaired. On the other hand, a cracked mirror cover or mirror assembly will necessitate replacement.


Tip #2: Modify your side mirrors 

Mirror assemblies and mirror covers are typically prefabricated. When replacing your side mirrors, you’d have to match them with your car’s paint job. Some of these parts are pre-painted to suit the specific model of your car. However, most are sold in a standard matte black hue. If you’re concerned about maintaining your vehicle’s aesthetics, prepare to dish out some cash and have the side mirrors painted in the same color as your vehicle.


Tip #3: You can buy side mirrors as parts 

Side mirrors would sometimes come in whole pieces which you can buy and install by yourself or with the help of an expert. There will also be repair shops who offer them exclusively as whole pieces.

If you only need repairs, the good news is that you don’t have to pay for a complete side mirror. You can buy the parts separately by looking for shops that sell them.


Tip #4: It’s cheaper to buy online 

What’s great about online shopping is that you can buy practically anything and have the items shipped to you. If you want side mirrors made for a specific model or make of a vehicle, you have better chances of finding them online than you would in brick and mortar shops.

Online shopping may have its risks. But if you find a reputable, you can purchase parts at an incredible bargain.

Don’t let a broken side mirror put you at risk for accidents or otherwise make driving a hassle. Whenever you see some damage, attend to it immediately.