What You Need to Know About Window Repair Scams

Unfortunately, scams lurk within the auto glass repair industry. Shops and individuals that promise to provide “quality” repairs for a bargain price still victimize car owners. So to prevent yourself from being the next target, you should have an idea about their shady schemes.

The ‘influencers’

These so-called “influencers” will try to sway you into believing that you need a window or windshield repair. Usually, this happens in gas stations and parking lots. The person will look concerned and will advise you to change your windshield.

Once you hop into the boat, they will mention someone they know who can change the window for a very low price. Sure, they will change it, but the quality will suffer.

The ‘parking lot creepers’

Another tactic used here is when an individual approaches you and offers a window repair for a discounted or “special offer” price. Take note that real technicians can be found in auto shops, not on the streets or a dark parking lot.

If you encounter this person, just say thank you and drive away.

The ‘fraudsters’

This one is the worst of them all. They will persuade you to get a window repair until they get hold of your insurance information. Next, they will file a false claim, indicating that you need a windshield or window repair.

Although you may receive a windshield replacement, your deductible may skyrocket and you’ll have a bad record on your insurer.

How to prevent window repair scams

Such scams can be prevented if you’re vigilant enough. Here are some of the valuable tips you should keep in mind:

-Always work with licensed shops

This is the number one rule, no matter what part of your car you need to get fixed. Licensed and insured auto shops won’t scam you or trick you into filing a false insurance claim.

Aside from that, you have the guarantee that the parts you get are in high quality, more so if you’re looking for OEM.

Before you use the service of an auto shop, ask what certificates their technicians have.

-Look for a trusted auto shop

If you’re new to car window repairs, we suggest that you ask around for recommendations. For sure, some of your family and friends have gone to an auto shop before. They can tell you about the service, price, and quality of work.

-Never deal with individuals offering repairs

Remember that technicians work for auto shops. Unless you know the person, never trust an individual that claims to be an expert in window repairs. If the person is persistent, ask for his certifications and license. Also, inquire about his or her experience in handling such jobs.

Nevertheless, it’s always best to skip the risk and let auto shops do their job.

Wrapping up

Car window repair scams are tricky. Still, you can prevent scammers from victimizing you by being informed and aware of the tell-tale signs. Although the offer is tempting, cutting corners will sometimes end up costing more. The bottom line here is to trust only the people who are trained and licensed for the job.