Why You Need to Pay Attention to Auto Body Reviews

Reviews can speak a lot about the quality of service that a repair shop provides. If you’re planning on using an auto body shop, you need to check online reviews. These kinds of reviews may show clear facts about a repair shop that will save you from the pain and hassle that customers have experienced in the past.

Your car is one of the biggest investments you have, so it’s important to use the best people to repair it. To make sure your chosen shop is the best fit for you and your car, you need to pay look at reviews. Here are the reasons why:


It provides you a first-person view of customers’ experience

If you want to know how a repair shop treats its customers, reviews are a great resource. Customers from the past will write in detail about how the staff went about their business and how good the repairs are.


Not every review seriously should be considered, however. Be aware that angry customers are going to leave more reviews than happy customers. 


You’ll get to know the work of your chosen shop

If this is your first time using the repair services of a particular shop, you must check how they handle customers. Any negative behavior mentioned in reviews is a big flag. You should avoid short reviews and try to only observe the most detailed entries. This way, you’ll get a more informed opinion of the service.


It establishes the credibility of the shop

Forums and online reviews are the best sources of references for specific types of businesses. If you want to check the reliability of an auto body shop, look specifically for a local forum that caters to auto repair shops. If the repair center has been in operation for some time, there would be a bunch of discussions and reviews about them.


The feedback reviews the credibility of the shop, how they provide their service, and where they can improve. Online forums are also the best way to know about possible discounts and prices.


You’ll learn what to avoid

No repair shop is perfect, so you must be slightly forgiving when looking at negative reviews. If the customer seems to be nitpicky, you should take their opinion with a pinch of salt. That being said, use the reviews to avoid potential pitfalls. As an example, if a shop is infamous for their hidden fees, you must ask for a breakdown of expenses before you go ahead with the repairs. 


Beware of fake reviews

When reading reviews for auto shops, we recommend you look for verified platforms that only show legitimate entries. Platforms like the Better Business Bureau are probably the most trustworthy of all review sites. In doing so, you’ll get an honest look at the repair shop, and not just a stream of complaints from unhappy customers.


For auto repair shops, platforms like Auto Body Review and Carwise are the most reliable options. They use star ratings from verified customers so you’ll only read honest reviews.