Why you need to trust an expert to fix your auto door glass

When it comes to fixing any problem on your car or truck, getting expert help is essential. Most drivers wouldn’t dream of trying to fix their car’s engine or brake system. Yet when it comes to their car’s glass, particularly the windows, some drivers think that it’s possible to do repairs themselves. Yet your car’s auto glass is just as important to get repaired by a professional as any other part of your vehicle. Trying to repair the problem on your own can put you, your passengers and your car at risk. It can also lead to more expensive repairs in the long run. In this post, we explain why it’s so important to trust a professional when it comes to repairing your car door auto glass.

Most modern cars come with power windows that allow passengers or the driver to open and close them at the push of a button. This works because of a device called a window regulator which is essentially a small motor located within the door. If this device becomes damaged, there is no way to open or close the windows. Damage to the regulator is the main reason that auto glass on car doors need to be repaired.

To repair the regulator means removing your car door’s interior panel. Doing this if you aren’t a professional can cause the following issues:


You make unnecessary repairs

As we have said, a window that doesn’t open or close could be because of the regulator. But that’s not only the reason that your car’s windows can get stuck. There could be a blown fuse, something could be stuck in the seal or the problem could be something else entirely. If you aren’t trained to diagnose the problem, you could end up fixing the wrong thing and causing more damage.


You could lose important parts

There is a huge amount of work involved with trying to access a window’s regulator. Dozens of bolts and screws need to be removed from the interior panel to access it. Unfortunately, it is incredibly easy to lose one of these parts if you don’t know what they are all for. Misplace one of them and you could cause permanent damage to your car door.


You could shatter the glass

Repairing the window regular means holding the door’s glass while you work. This can be a very precarious job if you aren’t a professional and don’t have the necessary tools. Drop it or mistreat it and the window could shatter and that will mean an expensive replacement.


You could damage the regulator

Even if you can get to the regulator, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to fix it. Without proper training, you could end up damaging the device further.

If you don’t do a perfect job — something that is difficult even for the professionals — you could end up damaging the window even further meaning more expensive and more extensive repairs.