The Most Pervasive Myths About Windshield Repair

If you damaged your windshield at least once in your life, then you know what it’s like to find ways to fix it – while in a state of panic, that is.

You might have browsed the internet for DIY solutions only to find these so-called tips saying the same thing – that a chipped or scratched windshield needs to be replaced. Similarly, you may have visited a car repair service, only to be told that your windshield needs replacement.

None of these are true.

Fact is, you don’t always have to replace a damaged windshield. At least, not immediately.


Debunking The Top 5 Myths on Windshield Repair

The idea that you can’t repair a windshield is nothing more a myth believed to be true by car owners. To help you spot between what is and isn’t true, we’ve rounded up the 5 most prevalent myths on windshield repair and debunking every single one.


Myth #1 – If your windshield is damaged, it needs to be replaced

False. Repairing is an option if the damage dealt to your windshield is too minimal to necessitate replacement. We recommend getting the opinion of a trustworthy professional – not someone who might try to make money off of you. If your windshield is repairable, there’s no need for you to spend thousands on a replacement.


Myth #2 – All types of chips are the same

False. Chips may look like they’re one and the same. However, there are actually many kinds. Each type has a distinct characteristic which indicates how minimal (or severe) your windshield damage is. Depending on the type of chips found on your windshield, this will decide whether or not it can still be repaired or if it needs replacement.


Myth #3 – You can ignore a small chip

False. A small chip would surely seem harmless. But in reality, ignoring a tiny and deceivingly innocent chip will only give it room to grow bigger from exposure to the elements. One day, you’re going to wake up to a broken windshield. So do yourself a favor and have that chip repaired or it will come back to haunt you with an expensive replacement bill.

Myth #4 – DIY is a quick-fix option that can save you money

It depends. If you have the right equipment and materials to perform DIY repairs, then it’ll definitely save you money. Unfortunately, not everyone has the tools, much less the skill to fix damaged windshields on their own. A lack of know-how will only worsen the damage and cost you more money than if you had opted for professional repairs early on.


Myth #5 – Windshield repair is the best way to save money

False. If the expert who checked your windshield says it’s time for a replacement, it’s best to follow their advice. Deciding otherwise is not going to save you money, but simply add to your expenses. Besides paying for initial repairs and the inevitable replacement, delaying might cause additional damage to your vehicle which you likewise have to pay for.


So there you have it! We’ve debunked the 5 most popular myths on windshield damage. Hopefully, this will help you decide whether you could benefit most from having your windshield repaired or replaced.