What Is Pitting And How Can You Fix It?

Pitting is a windshield problem that can happen to anyone. It’s more common for drivers who travel frequently along highways and high-traffic areas. Dry and arid places that are dusty, sandy, and rocky are also more likely to cause windshield pitting. But what is pitting anyway? And is there a way to fix it?

What is windshield pitting?

Pitting basically refers to those tiny, shallow cracks that occur on the windshield. They are caused by high-speed impact from rocks, which explains why they are small and have a pitted appearance. Dust and dirt are also known to cause windshield pitting especially if they get stuck on the wipers.


How to identify windshield pits

Windshield pits are often difficult to spot. You’ll need a good eye and closely inspect your windshield glass to notice them.

The easiest way to see them is at night. First, you need to park under a bright light and look at the windshield from inside your vehicle. The light should pass through the pits and create an obvious contrast against tinted windows.


Is windshield pitting problematic?

Yes, it can definitely cause a number of problems. First of all, the pits might interfere with your wipers’ movement. Or it could be the other way around and the wipers will cause further chipping. If any of that chipped glass gets caught underneath the wipers, they can leave deep scratches on your windshield.

In spite of their size, pitting is also thought to be a safety hazard. When there are too many pits, they can make your windshield appear foggy. This can reduce road visibility and make it dangerous for the driver. Windshield pits also refract light and prevent drivers from having a clear view of the road.

Moreover, pitting compromises the integrity of the windshield’s laminate which is supposed to prevent glass from fragmenting. It makes windshield prone to crack and shatter during impact collision and other accidents. With the laminate compromised, the glass will break into fine pieces and injure the driver and passengers.


How to fix windshield pitting

A pitted windshield needs to be repaired or replaced. Either way, it’s important to entrust your car to a professional. Do not attempt a DIY solution as it can further damage your windshield. What could have been repaired for a cheap price may suddenly need replacement and cost you more.

Find a licensed auto repair shop that provides windshield services. Depending on the extent of damage to your windshield, a shop may recommend repairs or a complete replacement.


Repairing a pitted windshield

Minor windshield pitting can still be repaired. Usually, the repair crew will fill the holes with an industry-grade compound and smoothen it out with a polishing tool for an even finish. It is worth noting this is only a temporary solution. It’s meant to prevent further damage to the windshield until you are ready to replace it.

Replacing a pitted windshield

If there are too many pits, or if cracks have already set in, an auto repair shop will recommend a windshield replacement. At this point, safety is already a concern and any quick fix solutions won’t help.