How Power Windows Increase Your Safety

Power windows have become a trend in modern cars. Unlike manual windows, power windows are equipped with a special technology that uses large amounts of force to shut the windows closed. However, the same safety feature also resulted in about 2,000 emergency room visits in the past year. So, are power windows safe? If so, how does it help?

While it’s true that power windows can cause injury, some added features prevent these incidents from happening. Overall, power windows are still considered safer than manual car windows. Here are some of the reasons why:

-Power windows have a window lock feature

The window lock switch allows the drivers to secure the window, especially if they have children passengers. It prevents kids from rolling down the window. Also, it prevents accidental pressing of the buttons.

When the driver engages the window lock feature on the dashboard area, the passengers on the rear seats won’t have control over it. This is regardless if they keep pushing the individual buttons on each window.

The driver needs to turn the switch off for the rear passengers to control the windows individually.

-The driver has full control over it

The best thing about power windows is that the drivers have full control of it on the dashboard. The controls of the windows are included in the dashboard buttons.

Also, the driver can control the rear windows, reducing the risk of accidental rolling down. A master set of buttons allows the driver to close all the windows to ensure that nothing would be left open before everyone alight from the car.

-It comes with an anti-pinch technology

Due to the clamor about kids being pinch due to the enormous force power windows, manufacturers came up with the anti-pinch technology. It’s a sensor that reverses the rolling of the window should any blockage gets in the way. Some good examples are a child’s limb, a pet’s paw, or thick amounts of hair.

Power windows with the express-up feature usually come with the anti-pinch technology. The power windows with this technology may still pinch, but it will not crush the limb or body part that will get in the way.

How to stay safe while using power windows

-Don’t let the kids play with the buttons

Drivers and parents shouldn’t make their kids accustomed to playing with power window buttons. This way, accidents can be reduced, and no one will get hurt.

-Always watch out

As the driver who has access to the master buttons, always watch the windows on your side mirrors. This way, you can act fast if an untoward incident happens.

-Master the buttons

Lastly, get used to the buttons. This is so you can mitigate the situation even before it hurts anyone.

Final words

Power windows are innovative options for your car. Still, we recognize the fact that it’s not for everyone. Although there are reported cases of users being hurt, being careful will pay off in the end.