Preventive Maintenance Tips to Follow (Part 1)

Let’s face it, not everyone agrees on what to should do on your car and when to do preventive maintenance. However, you can’t just ignore preventive maintenance because it is more likely that you discover problems that could be a major concern later on.

Besides, having a problem with your car is pretty annoying especially when it happens in the most unexpected time. You could be driving yourself to work or there was no auto body repair shop nearby. And worst, when you are so ready to go on a long-awaited vacation.

Unrecognizable crop mechanic screwing metal details in metal vehicle

Car manufacturers remind their clients to go and have a regular car checkup and maintenance. With the latest car technology and engineering, car companies can now tell you the life expectancy of your car’s parts. Here are the tips you can do to any vehicle as a preventive maintenance.

  • Check your fluids.

One thing to do is to learn how to check those fluid and gauge levels. Another thing, open your hood so you can check the antifreeze and your transmission fluid. If it has less, then add if not, change it. Pay attention if there is a leak and never ignore these signs.

Don’t let anyone fool you to pay for changing the wiper fluid. Even if you do not know about antifreeze, coolant or any liquid, you would know something is off when you notice leaks.

  • Change your engine air filter. 

This protects anything like dirt and dust into the engine. When it gets blocked due to dirt, replace it. If you drive often and drive on a long commute, the engine air filter will get dirtier quickly compared to someone who drives during the weekends.

However, air filters can be a little tricky, but having it checked is important. Your manual tells you how often.

  • Change your spark plugs.

Electrical energy is sent to the spark plug and this electrical spark lights up the gas/air combination in the combustion chamber. So if your spark plugs are not good because of the accumulation of dirt, it is time to change it. Again, it is always wise to look at your car manual.

As a guide, changing it is more or less every 30,000 miles but it does differ depending on the type of spark plug.

  • Check the transmission.

Transmission is in charge of putting the correct amount of power that goes to the wheels to make your vehicle drive at a particular speed. Have it checked and oil flushes will keep it working well.

  • Do NOT forget the brakes!

Regular check up on this keeps you and your family protected. It also makes sure there is no harm done to your roters.

Never take maintenance for granted!              
These little things you do can help you have the best driving experience and save you money with towering repair costs. Plus, doing a simple preventive check can save you from future frustrations. So, never hesitate to ask for an expert; you can always go to A + Plus Auto Glass! Visit A + Plus Auto Glass at 13148 W Foxfire Dr #120, Surprise, Arizona or call the hotline 623-218-6844.


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