Preventive Maintenance Tips to Follow (Part 2)

Whenever you experience any type of car problem, you better bring your car to a reputable shop. Whether it is a trouble on your wipers or hear a weird sound from your car, do not hesitate for a checkup. Go to a trusted repair shop like A + Plus Auto Glass the soonest available time you have. By doing so, you will avoid more damage to your car.

Of course, you should never IGNORE car maintenance and repair. For now, here are a few things to remember.

Change the oil.

Schedule an oil change especially if you have a new car. Usually, the rule is to do it once you have reached the first 1,000 kilometers. This is applicable for smaller cars.

During the break-in period, engine parts begin to harmoniously blend together. When this happens, some metal parts usually come off from the engine and mix with the oil. These metal debris should be removed the soonest possible time. This is the reason why oil change is needed.

When you choose to ignore, damage could be inflicted to your engine. The next oil change should be around the next 4,000 kilometers. Afterwards, the oil change will be every 5,000 kilometers.

Again, this step is an important preventive car. If you do not replace gear and transmission oil on time, this could mean poor operation or other potential damage to your engine.

Also change the filters.

Like the oil, you should always change the oil filter. This should go hand in hand with changing the oil.

For people on a budget, people just choose to change the oil, but choose a mediocre filter. Remember, the purpose of the filter is to screen the metal debris in order not to mix with the oil. So, if you choose a second-rate filter, these metals won’t be properly filtered.

Belts get worn-out over time.

Whether it is the fan belt, the power steering belt or the drive belt, these belts are made of rubber. Hence, it will eventually degrade. It is best to have the belts as often as the car manufacturer recommends. For the prevention of overheating and mechanical breakdown, better schedule a belt replacement.

Batteries have a life cycle term.

New cars have built-in batteries that will last you 2 to 3 years so you better replace it after that. You have to remember though is that replacement batteries have different life cycles. One could last for 12 months, 15 months, and 21 months.

In order to avoid from experiencing a dead battery, be sure to replace your car battery as soon as the life cycles expires.

man airing up wheel during daytime

Tires are like belts.

Like belts, car tires are made of rubber. After driving for thousands of years, tires will eventually wear out. To be sure of its efficiency, check with your car’s tire manufacturer. Age can a detrimental factor so don’t put yourself at risk by using old and used tires.


There are other tips discussed in Preventive Maintenance Tips to Follow (Part 1). Applying these tips will save your from future problems. Moreover, it can help you avoid expensive repairs. If ever you have questions, never hesitate to ask for an expert; visit A + Plus Auto Glass! The professional team at A + Plus Auto Glass can help with auto glass repair, windshield replacement, and other car repairs.