How rear windshield replacement is different

You may think that getting the rear windshield of your car replaced is much the same as getting the front windshield of your car replaced. After all, they are both made of glass, they both carry out the same function; they shouldn’t be much different, should they? But ask anyone who has had the misfortune of having their rear windshield need replacing and got the resulting bill and they will tell you there is a big difference between getting your front windshield replaced and getting your rear windshield replaced.


Here’s why getting your rear windshield replaced is so different


Rear windows are actually made from different types of glass

You may not be aware of it, but front windshields and rear windshields are actually made from different types of glass. This is the biggest reason that there is such a price difference between the two. Even though they look the same and act the same, they are not the same! Front windshields are made with laminated glass making the glass shatterproof so that it protects your face while driving. The back windshield is made from tempered glass. While this isn’t shatterproof it is designed to shatter in a way that won’t produce sharp shards of glass. Instead, it breaks into round tiny pebbles. Like front windshields, rear windshields have been designed this way for a reason.


Technicians need to clean up before replacement

Because of the design of rear windshields and the fact that they shatter, technicians usually have to clean up the area with a special vacuum before they can replace the windshield. This takes extra time and therefore costs more.


Rear windshields contain a defrost grid

On most modern cars, the rear windshield contains a defrost grid that is used to quickly defrost the rear window. While your front window uses the air vents to defrost, this isn’t suitable for most cars, which is why manufacturers install defrost grids in rear windshields instead. For it to work properly, delicate connections around the rear windshield need to be maintained during replacement. This is a tricky and time-consuming process, and one that costs more money, unfortunately.


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