Reduce Road Noise With New Auto Glass

Your car cabin is supposed to afford you some degree of comfort and privacy. The moment you close the door, you should be able to have a conversation, listen to your favorite jams, or get a breather in your car without any distraction from the outside world.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Car passengers often have to put up with noise from vehicles. But there is something you can do about it – and that is to replace your car windows with new auto glass.

Before we explore this solution to road noise, let’s try to understand what it is and why it’s a problem.


Where does road noise come from?

Road noise refers to the sounds coming off of vehicles. This includes the engines, suspension, transmission, tires, brakes, and the wind resistance which cars produce.

It’s not just other people’s cars that are to blame for these sounds. Your vehicle is also a source of it. Collectively, the sounds they create become noise which can be loud enough to ruin your driving experience.


Road noise is a bigger problem than you think

We can all agree that road noise is bothersome, making road travel stressful and uncomfortable for everyone. Sadly, it is associated with much bigger problems.


1. It increases your risk for accidents

Road noise places everyone in danger. It distracts the driver whose focus should be on the road. It could also prevent them from hearing more important cues. Some examples include the sound of an over speeding vehicle, a car rushing for an emergency, or their own engine breaking down.


2. It’s bad for your health

Scientists have found a link between road noise and stress-related diseases. Based on their findings, traffic noise causes stress – a contributing factor to heart disease, stroke, and similar health problems.


New Auto Glass: The Solution to Road Noise

Until car manufacturers develop quieter vehicles, road noise will continue to be a problem in both developed and developing countries. There’s simply no avoiding it, especially if you frequently encounter high-traffic areas.

However, you can reduce your exposure to road noise. Replacing your auto glass can help you minimize the amount of sound that gets into your car cabin.


Why you need new auto glass replacement

Car windows help block sounds from the outside. Although they should be properly installed and intact to be able to do their job. Here are the top reasons why road noise gets into your cabin – and why you need to replace your auto glass:

  • Bad windshield installation. Windshield replacement requires specialized tools and a professional. Improper installation can make it loose around the frame. The space around your windshield can let road noise in, or create whistling sounds from wind if you travel at fast speeds.
  • Damaged windshield. The presence of cracks near the edges and corners of your windshield will also produce sounds from wind resistance, or cause road noise to enter your cabin.
  • Side windows won’t roll up completely. They have to be fully closed if you want to effectively reduce road noise. If they don’t close all the way, your side windows may have come off track or broken at the edges. In which case, they ned to be realigned or replaced.