Reliable Repairs: Why You Need an Expert to Reset Your Door Glass

Auto door glasses play an important role in your safety on the road. If it malfunctions or sustains damages, it will create an enormous risk for the driver and the passengers. Fixing it on your own would only worsen the damage, much so if you delay the repairs. So if one of your door glasses is off track, you should only let an expert fix it for you.

How car window regulators work

Modern vehicles with power windows are equipped with a regulator. This regulator allows you to raise and lower the glass on the dashboard by pressing a button. There’s no need to use a manual hand crank.

However, the regulator can sustain damages due to wear and tear, collision, and other conditions. In most cases, the windows can’t be opened or closed. It’s disastrous, especially when you’re caught in a heavy downpour.

Many car owners try to fix the regulators on their own, which causes further problems. Your DIY fix can lead to more automotive issues not related to the door glass regulator in the long run.

Take note that to reset a window regulator, the door panel must be removed first. This alone requires training and the right tools.

The risk of DIY regulator repairs

If you’re thinking of performing a do-it-yourself reset for your car window regulator, you’ll be exposed to the following risks:

Losing important parts                                                      

Unexperienced hands are guaranteed to lose tiny yet very important parts of a car. For example, missing one screw alone is enough to ruin your car door window. Also, it would be impossible to put all the other parts properly.

Without professional training, it will be hard to keep track of all these bits and bobs. In the end, you’ll have to bring your car to a technician with more extensive damage.

Damaging the regulator

The worst thing you can do in trying to fix a window regulator is ruining the part itself. This will cost you more in repairs, not to mention that the technician may recommend a full replacement.

The worst part is that attempting DIY repairs will impact your auto insurance claims. It will also avoid the warranty of your vehicle. Trying to cut back on professional fees will put you in a lot more trouble.

Damaging the glass

Resetting the window regulator involves holding the glass, so it won’t drop. However, doing these two tasks on your own without proper tools is very risky. There’s a high chance you’re going to lose grip of the glass, and it will shatter on the floor.

Even if you manage to reset the regulator, there’s no longer a window glass to use it to. In the end, you’ll drive yourself to the auto shop with a missing window.


When it comes to car problems, the experts are the best people to call. Attempting DIY repairs and band-aid solutions will only cost you more. Resetting your door glass may sound easy, but it requires proper training and professional tools to get it done properly.