How to Remove Scratches From Your Auto Glass

Scratches are unavoidable for any vehicle, especially if it’s used often. A scratched paint job tends to be commonplace, but so is a scratched windshield. Windshield glass may be designed to resist scratches, but it isn’t 100% scratch-proof. With adequate friction and force, even sand can graze its tempered surface.

In this short read, we’ll teach you how to repair your windshield in three easy steps. But first, let’s look at why it’s such a huge problem that needs to be fixed ASAP.


Why You Need To Fix A Scratched Windshield

Most people ignore auto glass scratches without knowing they become worse over time. Some increase in number, enough to impair the driver’s visibility or distract them from keeping their eyes on the road. Other scratches deepen if left unattended, eventually leading to cracks which compromise the overall integrity of the windshield.

If you haven’t noticed, all of the above-mentioned make for hazardous driving conditions. And the results of which can be fatal. Accidents are best avoided by “removing” the scratches through repairs or replacing the windshield if necessary.


Step by Step Repair Guide: How to Remove Auto Glass Scratches

Any responsible car owner would try their best not to graze the windshield. Yet even innocent activities like driving the car or using wipers can be harmful. Windshield replacement is unfortunately expensive. And quite frankly, it isn’t always necessary. So here’s a 3-step solution to repairing auto glass scratches.


Step 1: Assess the severity

Locate the scratches on your windshield and find out how deep they go. This will help you determine whether it’s still possible to remove them. Scratches less than 0.05 mm deep can still be fixed. But any deeper than that may require a trip to an auto repair shop.


Step 2: Don’t attempt a DIY fix

There are many buffing agents in the market for treating minor car glass scratches. But that doesn’t mean you should use them. DIY fixes are almost always a bad idea and can cause more damage than they repair.


Step 3: Leave it to the professionals

You should always take your vehicle to a repair shop which caters to auto glass damage. They can better assess your windshield and give advice on whether it needs repairs or replacement.

Car centers specializing in windshield care are your best option. They have trained and fully-equipped staff who can buff and polish scratched windshields. Their team of experts can also replace your windshield if it’s badly damaged.


Advantages of Professional Windshield Repair

There are many advantages to hiring professional services. You get to access specialized equipment and an experienced crew. Opting for third-party car repairs will also prevent potential problems from botched attempts. This includes completely damaging your windshield beyond repair.


If you feel uneasy with resorting to DIY solutions, or if you lack the tools, it would be wise to spend a few hundred dollars on repairs. That is, compared to the risk of spending thousands on windshield replacement.