How To Remove Sticky Things From Your Autoglass

Let’s face it. It’s been years since you last did some “spring cleaning” on your windshield. By now, you’ve already collected a bunch of stickers and decals — and you’re wondering how to remove them. In this guide, we’ll show you some neat tips and tricks on how to remove anything sticky from your autoglass.

Tip #1 – Use a window cleaning detergent


Your first option is a store-bought window cleaning detergent. It works on glass surfaces like your autoglass windshield.


Instructions: Spray it on the stickers and leave on. Check back every few minutes. Each sticker should be evenly soaked. If not, apply more. Once the stickers are soft enough, use a butter knife to remove them from your windshield.


Tip #2 – Apply rubbing alcohol


If the window detergent doesn’t work, try using rubbing alcohol instead.


Instructions: Soak a piece of cotton ball with rubbing alcohol, then dab it on the sticker. Keep doing this until you notice that the sticker becomes soft and crumbles. Next, take out a butter knife and use it to remove them.


You may notice that it won’t get rid of the stickers completely. Apply more alcohol and rub them off with a dry cloth.


Tip # 3 – Use WD-40


WD-40 is often used for rust-removal and mechanical repairs. But did you know that it could also work on those stubborn windshield stickers?


Instructions: Spray WD-40 on stickers and let them soak. After 2-3 minutes, use wet cloth to wipe the stickers off your autoglass!


Tip # 4 – Pour hot soapy liquid


If you’re not comfortable with using harsh or toxic chemicals on your windshield, try this DIY solution instead.


Instructions: Fill a heat-resistant water bottle with boiling water. Add liquid hand soap into the bottle and shake. Next, pour the hot soapy liquid over a sticker. Do this until the sticker loosens its grip on the autoglass. Remove it with your hands.


Tip # 5 – Mix baking soda with cooking oil


Here’s another DIY solution that uses kitchen items. In case you didn’t know, baking soda is an all-around solution for household cleaning. Plus, it’s a budget-friendly option!


Instructions: Add some baking powder into a half cup of cooking oil. Now get some cotton and use it to dab the mixture on to the stickers. After a few minutes, you can remove the stickers with your bare hands.


Tip # 6 – Apply ice pack


The following trick is an alternative DIY solution for householders.


Instructions: Place an ice pack inside your freezer overnight and wait for it cool. Once it’s cool, place it above the sticker and leave it there for 5-6 minutes. The sticker should be easy to peel off afterwards. You can use a butter knife to take it off without damaging your windshield.


Tip # 7 – Get some Goo Gone


When all else fails, you can try Goo Gone. It’s a safe non-toxic chemical that removes adhesives from windshields. And it’s proven to be effective in removing stickers and decals.


Instructions: Spray Goo Gone on the sticker and give it a few minutes. You can then remove the sticker with your hands. It’s as easy as that!