How to Replace Power Windows

Power windows are one of the latest automobile technologies. However, when they experience too much wear and tear, a replacement might be needed. In this post, we will teach you how we replace power windows so you’ll have an idea the next time you visit our auto shop.

Step 1. Removing the door panel

Regardless oh whether it’s a power window or a traditional one, we always remove the door panel. This way, we can disassemble the parts better and without damaging other parts of the car.

We start by removing the retaining screws from the panel, which can be found around the door release and pull handles.

Using a flat and long screwdriver, we will perform a mild prying motion until the plastic clips holding the door snaps to release the panel.

After that, we slowly move the door panel to access the electrical parts. We will disconnect this first so that the door panel will be fully detached from the car.

Step 2. Removing the regulator and window assembly

Once we have the door panel, we will now proceed in removing the old electrical connector by pressing its release clip.

After that, we will remove the bolts that hold the window glass into the regulator. Once we unbolted everything and the glass is freely moving, we’d wind it up and keep it in place using automotive masking tape.

Next, we will remove the window motor by unscrewing more bolts together with the regulator.

Step 3. Placing new window and regulator

Once we have removed the old and damaged parts of the power window, we will now install the replacement. Through the access panel, we will place the new motor and regulator and fit it in with the same bolts we’ve removed earlier. Also, we make sure that no cables get twisted as this can cause more damage in the future.

After that, we’ll place a new electrical connector. Once done, we will now remove the tape and put all the window glass mounting bolts back.

Step 4. Putting the door panel back

Now that we’re done replacing the power windows, it’s time to put the panel back. Start by checking the plastic clips for any damage or cracks. If you notice anything, replace it with new ones.

Next, we will attach the electrical connections first. Basically, it’s performing the detaching process in reverse. After that, we snap the panel into place and place all the screws back where it used to be.

Once all the screws are tightly placed, we will now place the access panel back.

Before we clear the car for driving, we will test and inspect the windows for potential issues. We will run the controls and see if anything comes up. Any problems will be fixed right away.

Wrapping up

Power windows need immediate repairs to stay safe and functional. Although you can perform a DIY replacement, it’s best to get the help of a licensed technician to do the job. This way, you have a guarantee that the replacement will be installed properly.