Why Replacing Windshields Might Soon Get Harder

The automotive industry is one of the fastest evolving markets. Due to the unprecedented influx of technology, keeping up with the latest innovations can be quite difficult. This is especially true for car parts and accessories with its dozens of innovations.

Take the windshield, for example. Windshields are an integral part of a vehicle. While it doesn’t appear to have changed in decades, it underwent significant alterations. Originally, windshields were just made of regular glass. But this was soon replaced with shatter-proof glass, followed by impact-resistant glass, allowing for better road safety.

The method of installation has likewise changed over the years. Most modern windshields now require precise measurements, tools, and specialized skills. So if you think that windshield replacement couldn’t possibly get any more complicated, you’re absolutely wrong. In a few years, it’s just going to get worse.

Below is a list of reasons why we think windshield replacement is bound to get harder.

Reason #1 – Ongoing development

A windshield is made of glass, albeit more resilient than usual. It has a laminate material which makes it both scratch-resistant and shatter-proof.

Soon, a more specialized type of glass will be developed for windshields. Several car manufacturers are already working on Gorilla glass, which is a tough variety currently being used in airplanes.


Reason #2 – Limited availability 

Whenever there’s new auto glass, it won’t be immediately available on the market. Remember that manufacturers have to adapt to the latest standard.

As a result, mass production for the automotive industry will be initially difficult and time-consuming for these companies. The availability of windshields will be extremely limited in the first couple of years. Not only is it going to be difficult to buy one, but it will also be too expensive.


Reason #3 – Sensors will be a standard

Some of the windshields produced in today’s market are equipped with sensors. In the future, you can expect similar technologies to be integrated in a vehicle’s framework and wired directly into the system.

Some examples of this futuristic safety feature are the Automatic Emergency Braking System and Lane Departure Warning System. Both systems rely on sensors that are built into windshields and wired to a car’s safety system. With such features, the installation of a windshield will be even more complicated and labor-intensive.


Reason #4 – Higher prices

Given all the possible innovations, auto shops will require workers with specific skills. They would have to hire more workers or train their existing workforce to specialize in the installation, sensor integration, and wiring of windshields. To compensate for these additional expenses, the cost of replacing a windshield will go up. Windshield replacement is expensive, especially if it isn’t covered by insurance. A higher price point will only make the service less accessible to more car owners.

Whether you want to replace your windshield or have a new one installed, it won’t be as easy in the future. However, once a new auto glass becomes mainstream, you can expect lower prices and better availability overall.