What Are Your Rights as an Auto Body Shop Customer?

As a car owner, you’d have to pay several visits to the auto body shop at some point. It could be for new paint, waxing, or repairs. It’s good if you have an auto body shop you can trust. But if you’re a total beginner, you should know your right as a customer. This way, you won’t be ripped off by the technician, and your vehicle will be protected against damages.

Aside from that, knowing your rights as a customer of an auto body shop gives you the chance to choose what you deem best for your vehicle. Here are some of the rights you enjoy as a car owner:

You have the right to select an auto body shop

Always remember that you have the right to choose the auto body shop that you wish to handle your car. This is the same, even if you’re filing a claim for auto body repairs. As much as insurance companies recommend a specific list of auto shops, you can still choose one that you deem competent.

If an insurance company persuades you to choose an auto body shop, don’t believe their efforts to sway you. This is an illegal move, and you can always demand that your chosen auto shop be honored for the claim.

You can choose the parts that you like

Many auto body shops will try to sell you branded auto parts to make additional profits. As much as these parts could have good quality, you can always shop around for your own choice. You have the option to pick between OEM and aftermarket parts, depending on what suits your budget.

Nevertheless, you can always ask a technician about the quality of the parts. Always choose one with a warranty.

You have the right for transparent pricing

Some auto body shops can spot new car owners who don’t have any idea about their rights. They exploit this opportunity to charge excessive fees. So if you are to hire an auto shop, always ask for a quote first, complete with the breakdown of expenses. This way, you can check the transparency of the shop and what they have been charging you for.

It pays to shop around for quotes so you can compare which prices and services are worth your money.

You have the right for efficient repairs

You should always demand efficient repairs from the auto shop you chose. You can do this by checking your car and the accomplished work. If you notice any flaw, don’t hesitate to raise it to the technician. A trustworthy shop will be more than willing to fix this for you.

Always raise any concerns about the repairs even before your car exits the auto shop. That way, you wouldn’t have to pay for another service.

You have the right to ask for guarantees 

Established auto body shops offer guarantees on their repairs. For example, if the repairs got damaged within a specific timeline, they will redo it for free. Some shops will provide a guarantee on the parts.