Safety Tips to Follow When You Getting Your Car Repaired

In Car Repair Scams You Should Know About, I made you aware of the various repair scams proliferating around. For this post, I will inform you about some tips if ever you get your car repaired.

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Precautionary tips to follow:

  • Always ask for a written estimate before starting any repairs.

    • When the repair is estimated to be more than $100, the law mandates repair shops to provide a written estimate. Moreover, if the repair goes over by 10% (or $10), they should contact you before proceeding.
    • Most states practice this so know that it is your right to ask for a written estimate especially if it is a major repair.
  • Ask what the warranties and guarantees are.

    • Since you are on the topic of written estimates, ask what the repair shop can guarantee if you choose their services. For instance, the auto glass repairs at A + Plus Auto Glass is backed up with the Lifetime Guarantee, which means that from the moment f A + Plus Auto Glass replaces your windshield, A + Plus Auto Glass will repair chips on that windshield. This is FREE just as long as you the certified owner of the vehicle.
  • Check online reviews of the repair shop.

    • Do your own research and read testimonials. Check for car repair shop records and see if there are complaints against the shops.
    • Ideally, you would want to go for repair shops that are registered with the state. Moreover, check if they have a good standing with the Better Business Bureau.
    • Before you decide on a car repair shop, be sure to NOT skip this step. In case you are wondering, yes, A + Plus Auto Glass is an accredited business listed on
  • Be sure to not pay for any unnecessary repairs.

    • Don’t tell repair shops what to do because you may end up getting unnecessary repairs. Unless you are certain that you need this specific repair, it’s best to let them decide what is needed for your car.
  • Ask quotes from different repair shops.

    • Look for the best deal by asking around. You don’t have to settle on the first shop you see. Ask written estimates a number of different repair shops.
  • Look for certifications before you decide. 

    • Aside from online reviews, check if a car repair shop has mechanics and repair specialists with certification. The repair shop’s awards and certifications are usually displayed on their service bay. The mechanics at A + Plus Auto Glass are I-CAR certified professionals.
  • Ask to see the used parts.

    • To ensure a repair is completed correctly, ask for the replaced parts. See and take back the parts of your car.
  • Find a repair shop that honors your car warranty.

    • Check if they honor current warranties. If they won’t, you will have to pay for the labor and replacement parts.
  • Look for a professional repair shop.

    • Being orderly and clean are signs of a good and professional repair shop. Honest repair shops won’t rush you to do repairs. Instead, they would be accommodating of your questions. Written estimates are given without hesitation. A+ Plus Auto Glass provides FREE online estimates for your car repairs. You may call ‎(623) 218-6844 if you have more questions.

Next, I will discuss how to find a good auto mechanic. Stay tuned for that!