Sandblasted Windshields: Everything You Need to Know

Many drivers may have a sandblasted windshield and be unaware of it or the name for this type of auto glass damage.

Windshields that have been sandblasted pose a danger to drivers in both personal and commercial cars. Although most sandblasted windshields may be restored, there are some extreme circumstances where a windshield replacement is required, particularly in commercial vehicles.

What is a sandblasted windshield, exactly?

You may notice or hear little particles of dust or sand bouncing against your windshield as you travel along the road. The dust and little debris aren’t large enough to create major cracks or breakage in the glass. Enough grit and sand can build up on the windshield surface over time, causing microscopic pits and chips to appear. You might not see it at first. The chips, on the other hand, will grow more noticeable with time. You may need to bring your automobile to a service center to get the glass replaced.

A sandblasted windshield, as the name implies, has been damaged by sand particles colliding with the vehicle glass repeatedly. Even if sand particles aren’t large enough to cause instant damage following an accident, they can build small holes in your windshield over time, obstructing your view of the road.

Sandblasting is caused by a variety of factors.

The most common cause of sandblasted windshields is tailgating. When you follow a vehicle too closely, the vehicle in front of you kicks up sand, pebbles, and debris, which is projected directly onto your windshield. And if you tailgate even closer, your windshield will be damaged even more.

Even though it is hard to avoid particles hitting your windshield, it is strongly advised that you follow the three-second rule when driving. This will reduce the amount of damage to your windshield and allow you enough time to stop your vehicle if the vehicle in front of you comes to a sudden stop.

Is it possible to fix a sandblasted windshield?

The level of the damage affects whether the auto glass can be fixed or if it must be replaced entirely, just as it does with other types of auto glass damage. Sandblast damage can be fixed if it is small, and in most circumstances, sandblast damage is repairable. If the damage is severe and there is significant pitting, the only option is to replace the windshield.

Because sandblast damage can obstruct your visibility of the road due to how the sun rays reflect from the vehicle glass damage, you should speak with an auto glass repair specialist who is skilled and will be able to tell you what you need to know before you do anything.

Why is it Important to Repair Sandblasted Windshields?

The pits in your windshield become visible in the morning and evening when the light glares, and your eyesight may be hindered. Small pits can grow into larger chips and cracks as time goes on. Cracks that are already present may exacerbate. We can remove the pits and other sandblast-related damage from your windshield, regardless of its current state, and restore its functionality.