Why you shouldn’t always choose your insurers preferred auto glass company

When you’ve been involved in an accident that requires your windshield to be replaced, your insurance company will usually cover the cost. What’s more, they’ll even suggest an auto glass company that can do the work.

Pretty handy, right?

Not necessarily. Agree to the recommendation of your insurer without a second thought could be a costly mistake.


Your insurance company is a business

Your insurance company is not your friend. It’s a business that wants to make as much money as possible. To this end, many will strike deals with auto glass shops in order to make the repair as cheap as possible. The cheaper the repair, the more money they save. But the old adage rings true, pay cheap and you pay twice. The problem is, the insurance company is no longer on the hook if the repair turns out to be dodgy. You’re on the hook and it will be you paying to repair it.


Cheap repairs mean corners are cut

When an insurer strikes a deal with a local auto glass repair company, they do so with the lowest bidder. Some auto glass companies are happy to do this. Even though they take a lower price, they guarantee money coming into the business. Of course, they still have to make a profit. And to do so, they will cut corners with the repairs. One of the ways they do this is to replace the windshield without removing the cowl panel. This saves time, but it can cause a number of problems like increased noise, water leaks, cut wires, and rusted metal. When these problems arise, the only way to fix them is to pay for a complete windshield replacement, and perhaps even more maintenance to fix these problems.


Cheap repairs could cost you more than money

Windshields are an incredibly important part of your vehicle. They don’t just protect you from wind and road debris, they form a key structural component of the car’s chassis. There’s a reason they are installed with such great precision. Because they need to be in order to carry out that job. When a windshield is properly installed, it will keep all of the passengers inside the car safe. Even in an accident, it will hold the structure of the car and absorb part of the damage.  But that’s not the case when a windshield is poorly installed. In this circumstance, the windshield won’t be structurally sound meaning that even a minor accident can cause your vehicle to crumble more than it would. It can also cause increased windshield damage. In short, a poorly installed window could cost you your life.


Don’t trust the first company that your insurer suggests. You are not legally required to do so and you should absolutely exercise your right to get quotes from several auto glass repair shops.