Shouldn’t All Vehicles Have Bulletproof Glass?

The world is a dangerous place. Anybody who keeps up with the news knows how bad things are these days. One way to keep safe is to have bulletproof windows installed in your car.

What is Bulletproof Glass?


Bulletproof glass is technically the same as regular glass. However, it’s equipped with plenty of improved features. For instance, regular glass is made up of a single sheet of glass. But if you opt for a bulletproof variety, you’ll soon find out that it’s made with laminate. Laminate glass is several layers of tempered glass stacked on top of each other. By packing sheets of hardened glass together, you get a tough and dense material. Laminate glass is so tight, that it’s basically impenetrable for most bullets!


Does this mean that bulletproof glass is unbreakable? No, not exactly. Although it’s strong enough to resist high-caliber bullets, as well as continuous rounds.


Its protective quality is well-sought after by people who need the added security. Before you decide to invest in it, you should at least be aware of its advantages and disadvantages.


The Cons of Bulletproof Glass


1. Cost


If you think replacing a broken windshield is costly, try purchasing bulletproof glass. The tougher it is, the higher price tag.


Not only is it expensive, it’s also difficult to find. Bulletproof glass is a specialized material. Typical glass shops and dealers don’t offer them. So you’d have to find military shops and niche suppliers to get your hands on them.


2. Heft


Remember that bulletproof glass is a laminate material. Hence, it’s more dense and a lot heavier than the average glass. The extra weight can be burdensome for your vehicle. Not only will this slow it down. It can also increase your fuel consumption and monthly expenses.


You may also need to modify your car to accommodate the added weight. As a result, you’ll end up spending more than you bargained for.


3. Limitations


Even bulletproof glass has its limits. Their ability to stop bullets from going through will depend on the grade of the glass. Some types can protect passengers against a .22 caliber bullet, but not a .45 caliber. Their effectiveness is also influenced by how much impact they can receive. Unfortunately, bulletproof glass can still shatter, crack, or buckle with high-power rounds or enough impact.


Are Bulletproof Windows Really Necessary?


The answer to this question depends on what you plan on using it for.


If you live in an unideal neighborhood, getting bulletproof glass may sound like a good choice – but it’s not. In reality, bulletproof glass does not guarantee 100% safety no matter how much you spend on it. Laminate glass can still break with repeated impact from blunt objects.


For regular drivers, we wouldn’t recommend spending on in this specialized material. There’s no need to go through the hassle of modifying your vehicle, or put up with added expenses on fuel consumption.


However, if you are a national delegate, a politician, or someone who holds a high position in society or your company, bulletproof glass is worth considering.