Signs of a Bad Auto Glass Repair Shop

Your car is an investment, so when it needs repairs, you only want a trusted company to help. But you should know that the auto industry has a few bad apples. That’s why you should be watchful for some tell-tale signs of a bad auto shop. So the next time that you look for someone to help fix your car windshield, make sure that you keep an eye out for the following signs:

The technicians drag out the repairs

As much as possible, avoid auto glass shops that take too long to repair your car. This means that they are prioritizing other clients over you. Still, it’s normal for some shops to be a few hours or a day late from the set ETA. However, if they keep on making excuses, you should think of pulling your car out of their shop and bringing it to a reliable shop instead. It’s just a small hassle as compared to waiting in vain for the repairs to be done.

The quote is way different from the actual cost

Each auto glass shop will have varying estimates for their service. However, the actual cost after the repairs shouldn’t be far-fetched from the amount they quoted. Take note that once a shop declared specific pricing, they should stick to it, come what may. A sudden price change, especially if it’s too hefty, is a red flag.

Some shops will quote a much lower price so they can get you to sign the deal. But once the repairs are ongoing, the real cost will show.

Rude staff

Rude employees are the leading sign of poor service. If the shop has poor customer service or rude technicians, look for another one instead. You wouldn’t want to deal with evasive and apathetic people once your car is undergoing auto glass repairs.

Take note that the shop’s attitude toward you is a reflection of their overall service. Also, most of the technicians in these shops are unreliable, which will cause more headaches in the long run.

They don’t put everything in print

This is somewhat related to sudden price changes. Some shops will not put everything on print to trick you into signing the deal. Also, it gives them the opportunity to inflate the cost and to drag the repairs.

So if you’re planning to try a new auto glass shop, always ask for documentation of the expenses and the process that they will use on your vehicle.

If the shop is unwilling to give a written quote, walk away and look for another option.

The result is messy 

After the repairs are done, the results will show what type of shop you’re dealing with. Messy finishes, blotches of adhesive, and stains on your glass are signs that the repairs were done improperly.

If the shop looks messy itself, you should think twice before hiring their expertise. Although you should never judge a book by its cover, the cleanliness of the staff and the facilities will give you an idea about their service.