Signs That Definitely Mean You Need to Have Your Auto Glass Replaced

Over time, your auto glass will sustain damages. Some are minor, while others require a full replacement. So the question is this: when is auto glass damage no longer suitable for repair. Below, we discussed the tell-tale signs that your car is due for glass replacement. While this is an added cost, it is necessary to maintain the safety of your vehicle.

Auto glass pitting

Pitting occurs when abrasive debris crashes into the auto glass while driving. The speed, paired with the abrasive nature of the debris, will cause auto glass chipping.

Technically, auto glass pitting isn’t significant damage. However, the tiny chipping will collectively cause light refraction. This will disrupt your focus on the road and increase your risk of accidents.

White haze all over the windshield

Modern windshields are treated with a plastic coating called polyvinyl butyral. This prevents the auto glass from shattering to pieces during impact.

However, since this plastic material doesn’t cause shattering, it will also hide the damage. If you notice a white haze all over your windshield after an accident, it means that the glass has been damaged. The white haze is the plastic material lifting from the auto glass.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to repair the polyvinyl butyral layer. Even if an auto shop promises to provide repairs, it will not restore the structural integrity of your windshield. It’s best that you avail of a replacement instead.

Missing windshield parts

You have to replace your auto glass the moment it loses some parts. Unfortunately, there’s no way to patch glass and restore the safety of your auto glass.

Putting off repairs by patching the shattered auto glass with tape just makes things worse. In the long run, the damaged glass will crumble and fall off.

In this case, a replacement is the only way to restore your auto glass. This applies to your windshield and windows. Take note that neglecting missing auto glass parts can lead to alignment issues as well as a sagging frame.

You experience recurring auto glass repairs.

Are you visiting the auto glass shop more often than usual? If you’ve been paying for auto glass repairs many times in the past months, it might be time for a replacement. Repairing heavily damaged auto glass is just a band-aid solution that will cost you more in the long run.

While replacements have a higher upfront cost, this will save you from further hassle on the road. It will also guarantee your safety in terms of auto glass-related accidents.

You’re scheduled for a vehicle safety inspection.

Windshields with scratches, cracks, and chips will not pass a vehicle safety inspection no matter how hard you try. Anything that will cause visual obstruction is guaranteed to make your car fail the test.

Instead of hoping for the best, you should invest in a new windshield or auto glass. You’ll also avoid fines and penalties if you do this.


Damaged auto glass isn’t just an eyesore. It also increases your risk of encountering road accidents. Instead of taking chances, you should choose to err on the side of caution. You should avail of auto glass replacements before the damages put your life at risk.