Signs it’s Time to Get a New Windshield

Your windshield takes a beating from outdoor elements. Over time, it will sustain damage, cracks, and dings. Some of the damage can be repaired, while some may require a new windshield or other auto glass. Unfortunately, a lot of car owners don’t know when it’s time to replace their windshields. As much as technicians may suggest that they do so, they keep on resorting to repetitive repairs that cost more in the long run.

So when is the time to replace your windshield? You should consider the following situations:

Cracks have branched out

If the cracks in your windshield have branched out into long fissures, it’s best to invest in a new windshield. The rule of thumb is that if the crack is bigger than six inches, you should consider replacing the windshield.

Nevertheless, you should ask the opinion of a technician. Some cracks can be repaired for the meantime while they source the replacement windshield. Never put off repairs or replacements as it will put you danger while on the road.

Previous repairs aren’t working

If you have had several windshield repairs in the past and the problem keeps recurring, take it as a sign for replacement. Sometimes, the repair isn’t a failure. It just happened that your windshield has already reached the end of its lifespan.

Instead of paying for repetitive repairs, it’s best to invest in a windshield. Aside from saving money, you’re also removing the risk associated with faulty auto glass.

A piece of your windshield is missing

If you discovered that your windshield had been smashed, check if all the parts are intact. If pieces are missing, you may need to have it replaced. Repairs are only possible if your windshield is chipped or cracked.

Replacements cost a fee, but it’s much better than driving with a hole in your windshield or car window. Also, if your windshield isn’t in a drivable state, you can ask the auto shop for towing services.

Your view is blocked and warped

Pitting on the windshield will cause light to scatter into tiny rays. This can blind the driver and make it difficult to see the road. If your windshield is mired with this kind of damage, it’s best to have it replaced right away. Don’t wait until accidents happen before you visit an auto shop.

Also, hazy windshields could be candidates for replacements. This usually means that the plastic layer (PVB) is starting to come off the glass. In this case, a replacement is necessary as the plastic is sandwiched between two layers of glass.

You’re selling your car 

For those who are planning to sell their car, a new windshield is both a buyer magnet and a good investment. This is true if you’re investing in OEM glass. Since the glass is new, buyers will be more interested in your vehicle. Also, they can’t use auto glass issues as grounds in haggling the cost.

Besides, your car insurance may cover a large chunk of the replacement cost. Make sure that you hire a trustworthy auto shop to do it for you.