Spotting a Cracked Windshield and What to Do about It

Spotting windshield cracks before they have a chance to get bigger is important to keep both you and your vehicle safe. But most drivers rarely inspect their windshields. Don’t be one of these drivers. Spotting a crack early can save you time, stress and money.

How to spot a cracked windshield

Taking the time to scan your windshield for potential cracks and tiny fissures is the first step to preventing more significant damage. It may not be a normal part of your maintenance routine, but it can pay off big time. On average, four out of five drivers only look at the middle part of the windshield when driving. This means that a tiny crack that could have been prevented early on is left sitting at the edge of your windshield causing more and more damage.

As an Arizona resident, you have even more reason to check over your car’s windshield regularly. Chips are common and the high heat causes windshields to crack more often than they otherwise might,


What to do when you spot a crack

Apply a short-term solution

Once you spot the crack, don’t let it sit for another day. If you can’t visit a professional repair service immediately, it may be worth taking matters in your own hands. There are repair kits that you can pick up at a local shop and use to cover the crack until you can get to a garage.

If you have a repair kit at home, make sure to perform the fix in a garage out of the way of the sun, heat, and dust. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your DIY fix is sufficient in the long-term, however. You still need to visit a garage immediately.


Take it to a professional for repair or replacement

You should always aim to take your car to an auto glass expert as soon as you spot a crack. Even if you use a DIY kit, still try to take your car to an expert within the next couple of days. As good as you think your repair is, it will pale in comparison to an expert. What’s more, a repair may not be enough. If the crack is deep or at the edge of your glass, your entire windshield may need to be replaced.

If you’ve spotted a crack in your windshield, the team at A Plus Auto Glass are here to help. Our experts can provide a quote the day you bring your car into us. And if the crack is not serious, we may need be able to repair it then and there. Get in touch with our team today at (623) 218-6844 for more information.