Spring Is Here! These Everyday Things May Damage Your Car’s Paint (Part 1)

Finally, spring has come.  Usually, in the US, spring will last from March until May. It is the much-anticipated season of new beginnings; you get to see fresh blooms, tall trees, and other viridian sights. Aww, what a beautiful sight to see, right?

green grass field sunset scenery

However, spring has also its fair share of disadvantages. It brings in damages that will surely affect your once shiny vehicle. Below, I will list some of the ordinary things that may damage the paint on your precious car. During this time, it is important to know the forces that could damage your car’s finish  later on. Here a few things that may seem harmless, but it will surely damage the paint and coat of your car.

Bug Juices

  • First on the list are the flying bugs that get splattered. There are many bugs during spring that would get flattened by your car’s wipers. Of course, these dead bugs won’t just lay on your hood, but they excrete bug juices. You may think that these bug juices are harmless, but they can damage your car’s paint because of its acidic nature.
  • Once splattered, these bugs would become nasty acid that would react with the car’s print. If you do not remove them right away, these bugs would leave and imprint on your car. Yes, they will leave a permanent mark if you don’t do something about it.
  • What to do? Experts share that you should remove these bug splatters using with a soft cloth and an elbow grease. Rinsing it with soap and water is also a good idea. If you have an extra budget, then, you can get a bug and tar remover. Better yet, you apply an additional layer of protection. To make sure bugs won’t get baked on the front of your car, Scotchguard it to add a layer of security. Once you wait too long, bug stains will surely be noticeable and you will need to rush your car to an auto body shop.

Bird Droppings

  • Aside from bugs, there are also lots of birds during spring. What do these feathered creatures bring? Yes, there would be bird droppings. When do these dropping land? You are right again! These will land on the roof of your car or on your windshield. Like the bug juices, the excretions are also acidic because birds would usually just much on berries and seeds. Moreover, these grains have a rough texture, and it would surely scratch your car.
  • The recommend remedy is to use a  soft cloth, preferably a wet microfiber towel, and wipe it away using an upward direction to avoid the grits to scratch your car. So, don’t just wipe it away; try to lift the droppings away from your car because it will definitely contain rough seeds. Other than that, the uric acid could tarnish the coat finish of your car.

If your car gets damaged, do not delay!

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